The Tree of Joy

10:46 (GMT+2) Fri, 23 Nov 2018


The Rotary Clubs of Port Elizabeth, PE South and PE West are joining forces once again for this amazing initiative.

Each year the above Rotary Clubs run the Tree of Joy a project, started about 15 years ago, to bring joy to the less fortunate people of PE. This project involves about 37 charities and 3 000 recipients of varying ages from a few months to a 102-year-old granny. Many of these people have never experienced the joy of receiving a gift.

There are 37 charities involved

A list of your needs:

We rely heavily on public support for gifts or donations in kind or cash. This year we will be at Greenacres only where members of the public are encouraged to visit the tree where they can either

Select a card and buy a gift for that person.

Select a card and give a cash donation and we will buy a gift

Or give a donation which we will use towards buying gifts

Last year one of the recipients said that in his 78 years, this is the very first time he has ever received a gift. This is very humbling when you consider how fortunate many of us are. Also when you look at the gift requests from some of our beneficiaries one girl asked for a packet of flings. This makes one feel very humble

Contact person: Angela Newton (Project Chairman)

Faith Biggs Tree of Joy coordinator

Tel/Cell: 072 940 0422 (Angela) 082 407 1707 (Faith)

To donate to this organization visit the Tree of Joy at Greenacres