Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA)

09:38 (GMT+2) Fri, 12 Oct 2018

  • Cancer is not a walk in the park.  It’s not even a marathon.  It’s a long walk of illnesses.  And when this race gets tough, walkers support and encourage each other.  In the same way, cancer survivors also need practical help and sometimes, a shoulder to lean on as they struggle to the finishing post.
  • And participants who take part in the Algoa FM Cancer Walk help CANSA  provide survivors with the care and support they need.
  • By supporting CANSA when they take part in this event, their donation funds skilled nursing sisters, compassionate staff and volunteers who give practical and emotional support and advice at our CANSA Care Centre in Port Elizabeth.  They calm the fears of survivors with advice and encouragement and share their professional nursing expertise in every way needed.
  • CANSA believes that a balanced lifestyle is key to lowering the cancer risk . CANSA  also raises awareness on how to reduce your risk of contracting cancer through monthly health campaigns as well as education programmes about the importance of being able to recognise the symptoms of cancer, as well as the importance of going for regular screening and health checks.
  • It’s not just about walking - almost without exception, each participant is affected by cancer in some way. This is their way of making a difference for cancer survivors by not only raising funds, but also raising awareness of how to lower the cancer risk and to show support for cancer survivors.”
  • Their gift goes towards CANSA’s vital services so that we can continue helping to build a world without cancer.
  • (This introduction was written by Gavin Kester, the Divisional Manager of CANSA PE)
  • Our top 3 projects:
  • Get to know your cancer risk - CANSA’s Health Awareness campaigns educate and raise awareness about cancer symptoms, the importance of screening and lowering cancer risk.
  • CANSA offers screening at the CANSA Care Centres in East London and Port Elizabeth and also via our mobile health clinic.
  • We provide accommodation for cancer patients at our CANSA Strelitzia Care Home in Eden Road in Port Elizabeth.  It’s a wonderful home-from-home to cancer patients receiving cancer treatment far away from their own homes.   There are rooms with six beds and a self-catering fully equipped kitchen.  We also include daily transport to and treatment centres.
  • A list of our needs
  • FotoFinder Equipment – a device used to examine spots and moles and help detect skin cancer early.
  • CANSA Strelitzia Care Home 

We urgently need to replace old items at the Care Home and need the following:

  • A total of 3 fans, 3 shower curtains, 6 bedding duvet covers, 6 fitted sheets, 3 bathroom mats, a flat screen television, 1 washing machine, 1 carpet/tile vacuum cleaner, 4 curtains for bedrooms and dining room and 4 blinds in toilets and bathrooms, 1 microwave, 1 Fridge and a stove
  • CANSA Care Centre, Port Elizabeth 

We urgently need to paint the outside walls (building) of the Care Centre

  • Statistics :
  • Port Elizabeth - For the period April 2017 to March 2018 we helped fight cancer by:

Recruiting 77 service delivery volunteers and fundraising project leader volunteers

Establishing two support groups that help 174 people affected by cancer

Accommodating 21 patients and family members in our Care Home, who had treatment at centres and hospitals in Port Elizabeth

Providing medical equipment and prosthesis to six patients

Providing telephonic and individual counselling to 149 persons

Screening together with the Eastern Cape Department of Health: - 300 Pap smears for early diagnosis of cervical cancer; 374 Clinical Breast Examinations and assessed 20 people for their healthy lifestyle risk assessment.

  • One of our success stories :.

Meet Wilma Peters who stayed at our CANSA Strelitzia Care Home for six weeks while getting treatment.

  • Contact person
  • Gavin Kester
  • Tel/Cell:
  • 082 553 9676 / 021 373 51 57
  • Physical Address:
  • 08 Eden Road, Glendinningvale, Port Elizabeth, 6000
  • To donate to this organization :

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