Bloodline day is a huge success thanks to Algoa FM country

09:36 (GMT+2) Mon, 09 Jul 2018


SANBS, Algoa FM and Pick ‘n Pay , for the 21st consecutive year, joined forces to prevent the anticipated national winter blood shortage.  The Algoa FM Bloodline Day took place yesterday and was a huge success. Elize Scheepers, who spent the day at Algoa Fm to give regular updates on the blood drives taking place all across Algoa Country was thrilled with the result.

Hi everyone

What an incredible day this has been!!! We set our target for the 21st Bloodline Day on 11 July 2018 at 700 units (more than double our average collections on a day), which we knew was aiming quite high, but never underestimate the power of radio and the goodness in the hearts of our community. Here are the final results:

Wait for it…

Drumroll please…

We collected 694 units of blood during Algoa FM Bloodline Day 2018 ! ! ! ! ! ! Only 6 units short of the massive target, what a fantastic turnout! These units will be able to help 2082 patients in need!

Words cannot express how thankful we are for each and every person who played their part in making this happen - you know who you are and what you did!

A very special thank you must go to Gary Muller, for taking the time to share his story of how 120 blood donors saved his life and encouraging people to go and donate.

Please know that these precious units of blood are going to make a very big difference in so many lives. (Pictured below, Mio, Elize and Garry in the Algoa FM studio yesterday)

And to all those blood donors who could not make it on Bloodline Day for various reasons, please continue to donate blood regularly and go visit your nearest blood drive tomorrow or as soon as you can – we don’t just need blood on one day, blood is needed every day!

Kind regards,

Elize Scheepers

Head Donor relations-Eastern Cape


For queries about blood donation, please call 0800 119 031 or visit

Your blood saves lives.      



Your blood saves lives

Less than 1% of South Africans are active blood donors. A unit of blood only lasts 42 days after donation and, for this reason, it is important for blood donors to donate regularly. Donors can give blood as often as every eight weeks.

Every unit of blood can save a minimum of three lives as blood is separated into red blood cells, plasma and platelets.

SANBS aims to collect 3000 units of blood per day to ensure a safe and sufficient blood supply in the health care system. This is the journey of 1 unit of donated blood.

There are many SANBS blood donation centres open to the public. To find the location nearest to you, click on our map. Or you may consider motivating your employer to host a blood drive at your offices for the convenience of all staff members.

Generally you can donate if you are healthy and lead a low risk lifestyle.

“Healthy” means that you feel well and can perform normal activities. If you have a chronic condition, such as diabetes, “healthy” also means that you are being treated and the condition is under control.

“Risky behaviour”, such as having sex with someone you dont know or injecting yourself with drugs, means that you have been at risk of contracting transfusion transmissible infections such as HIV and Hepatitis B and C. We rely on your honesty and ask that you NOT donate if you have engaged in risky behaviour.

You must consider your blood safe for transfusion to a patient. 

For queries about blood donation, please call 0800 119 031 or visit

Your blood saves lives.      

Issued by:    

Elize Scheepers

South African National Blood Service