Restore Trust

09:38 (GMT+2) Mon, 14 May 2018


The Restore Trust was set up in 2009 in response to the growing need in Buffalo City, South Africa. The heart behind the Trust is restoration of those in need, developing innovative responses to social problems which treat the people of our city with dignity and respect. We recognised the need for broad based social programs, with and without local government support. Hence the Breath of Life Place of Safety and the Crisis Pregnancy Centre was birthed and in 2011 a Job Creation program was started.

Some of our projects : 

Breath of Life

Babies are abandoned in dumpsters, dustbins and drains daily in Buffalo City.  A safe place to care for abandoned babies was a priority. These children are placed in our care by welfare organisations. The house is staffed by a team of carers and house parents.

Project 2: Crisis Pregnancy Centre 

To stem the tide of terminations and abandonment a Crisis Pregnancy Centre was established. Our counsellors operate from the termination centres at various hospitals and some schools. These centres provide women in the midst of a crisis pregnancy with support and information on termination alternatives.

Project 3: Restore Job Creation

This initiative runs a variety of projects that create jobs. The projects include a second-hand building material shop, a charity shop and a woodwork project. RJC’s mandate is to restore, reskill and recycle and recently started a trainee program.

List of our needs:

At Breath of Life our "Wish List" is extensive and can be viewed on our Breath of Life SA Facebook Page. Our baby care needs vary from baby bum cream to nappies and Infacare formula. We are also needing baby clothes and blankets. You can also donate by becoming a Guardian and sign a debit order for as little as R100 per month. Our Restore Job Creation initiative has a trainee program where you can sponsor a trainee for R1000 which covers their training fee and transport for 3 weeks.

Physical address:

30 Drake Road, Nahoon, East London, Eastern Cape

Contact details:

Andrew Rielly

043 735 2340

072 718 8777

Organisation’s banking details:

Restore Trust – ABSA – Branch code: 632005 – Account no: 4075423110 – Cheque account

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