The Exceptional Nurse Campaign

10:01 (GMT+2) Wed, 09 Oct 2019


In 2015 a group of Christian nurses, businessmen and women from Connect Church in Cape Town, met together for the first time.   They shared a deep concern for the critical shortage of professional and speciality nurses currently employed by the National Department of Health – NDoH.   After many hours of research, meeting with leaders in various Public Hospitals and the Health Department, The Exceptional Nurse Campaign – Campaign TEN was born.

Who we are :

We are a non-government, not for profit organization presently being registered with the Master of the High Court, the Department of Social Development and SARS.

THE PROBLEM: This reported staff shortage in many Government Facilities is causing a serious decline in Health Service Delivery. Resources are being stretched beyond limits, resulting in preventable suffering and death. Working conditions are extremely challenging. Morale among nursing staff is low compounded by the increasing patient to nurse ratio: 25 > 1.  Unless this crisis is acknowledged by government leaders, and drastic measures are taken, the situation will continue to decline. As concerned citizens, we cannot simply turn away, without doing SOMETHING to address this crisis.

What we do :

Create awareness of the nursing crisis in South Africa.

Recruit exceptional young people for the Nursing Profession in South Africa.

Mobilize exceptional nurses to the hospitals and clinics in South Africa where help is needed most.

Encourage, motivate, appreciate and honour all currently employed nursing staff.

Raise the status of nurses in our nation.

Engage with people of influence to increase the annual Health Budget to meet critical needs.

Encourage church groups and communities to volunteer practical assistance at the public hospital and clinic in the area.

How you can help Promote a culture of honour, respect and gratitude towards all nurses, wherever you go: Encourage exceptional young men and women to consider nursing as a career: If you are a trained nurse who is no longer employed, consider doing a refresher course to re-enter the profession: Community Clinic Managers welcome the volunteer assistance of previously trained nursing staff.

Consider directing your company CSI (Company Social Investment) to THE EXCEPTIONAL NURSE FOUNDATION.

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