Water Warriors South Africa

11:04 (GMT+2) Wed, 05 Jun 2019


The South African Water Warriors is a registered non-profit organization based in Cape Town. What started as a way to get drinking water to the Western Cape turned into a national project to help everyone in need.

The sole purpose of our organization is to collect donations from the general public and big business through volunteer donation stations and then distribute  to areas affected by the severe drought. We collect and distribute emergency supplies of both water and food to drought stricken areas.

Our next bug project is a trip to Oudtshoorn on the 20th July to deliver much needed food and water to farmers and their workers. We paid them a visit in April of this year but could not assist everyone in need.

List of our needs : Funds, food and water

You can make contact with us via our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/2015966815286967/

Contact Person: Deon Smit/082 738 2702

Physical Address : 63 Paarl, St Goodwood