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What Is A Feral Cat?  

You've probably seen them gathered around dumpsters and in parking lots, homeless cats who flee from humans. These domestic cats, who are referred to as "feral," are the result of both the failure to spay/neuter and cat abandonment. The only difference between a house cat and a feral is that the latter has had little or no human contact and developed a natural fear of humans. Ferals are erroneously labelled "wild cats." A bobcat is a wild cat; a feral cat is a homeless domestic cat.

The word "feral" is used on this site to describe a homeless domestic cat who is afraid of humans. As with any frightened animal, it is very important to use extreme caution. Always consult with an experienced rescuer before attempting to handle or trap a feral cat.

Cat Care utilises the Trap-Neuter-Return program for our colonies (What is Trap-Neuter-Return?)

We ahve plenty of adorable cats and kittens who are looking for their furever homes. Please contact us to find out mroe or go to our Facebook page. 

Contact Details:
P O BOX 15564
  Cat Care Adoptions and General Enquiries:             076 889 0288 (10am – 4pm)
    Emergencies ONLY 082 574 2136 (ONLY AFTER 6PM PLEASE)
Cat Care Banking Details
Standard Bank Rink Street
Account No:  083 989 625
Branch No:  0504


Our main objectives are:

  • Neuter and spay feral cats
  • Feed feral cats
  • Monitor and rehabilitate feral cats whenever possible

Fieldworkers Urgently Required

In order for Cat Care to meet its objectives, we desperately need caring, dedicated volunteers to trap and transport kittens and adult cats.  

With kitten season upon us, CAT CARE is desperately short handed and we are unfortunately currently unable to attend to all the calls we receive on a daily basis. Anyone willing to assist or find out more about what fieldwork entails, please contact Cat Care

          Cat Care is located in 

          PORT ELIZABETH, South Africa

    Contact : 076 889 0288 

    (10am – 4pm)

    Emergencies ONLY 082 574 2136 (ONLY AFTER 6PM PLEASE)