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SAPREC (Seabird and Penguin Rehabilitation Centre) was established and recognised by Cape Nature in March 2005. 

Carol Walton who founded the centre has been working with penguins and sea birds for over twenty years. 

She initially started rehabilitating penguins and sea birds in need in her garage. This proved inadequate and with the help of Dr Frans de Graaff from Hartenbos Dierehospitaal and Cape Nature, established the rehab centre in Mossdustria, Mosselbay. 

Dr de Graaff has been a huge pillar of support to the sanctuary by giving his time and most of his treatments for free.

Many of the sea birds being rehabilitated are under threat and are in dire need of centres like SAPREC to help with the fight against the decline in biodiversity.  The African Penguin especially is declining at a rapid rate and is actually on the endangered list.

 It is our vision to the move the rehabilitation centre to a tourist area in Mossel Bay and build a wonderful facility to interact with our amazing seabirds. We are a registered Non-Profit Organization. We are registered for Tax Exemption so this is a wonderful opportunity to assist us! Please email or phone us for the Exemption Reference Number. 

Should you wish to support SAPREC with funding, sponsorship, products or prizes no matter how big or small, we would be very grateful.

Kindly contact our Fundraising Manager, Tara Nicholas.

You can also mail us on or call 082 364 33 82 and follow us on Facebook. 

We are always looking for donations of items that are needed for the day to day running of the centre.

You can go to our website to make a donation through PAYFAST. You can find us on