Meals on Wheels

08:56 (GMT+2) Wed, 08 Mar 2017


Full name of the organisation: Meals on Wheels

Category: Other


We have been around 50 years. To carry out our mandate we rely solely on donations. We feed people regardless of colour, sex, religion. 

We started with the mandate of providing meals to the elderly - today we still do this but have expanded our "need' base 

Project 1:

Core business - Serving the basic needs of the poorest of the poor - The vulnerable and elderly - Child headed households - orphans

Project 2:

Service delivery target groups - 

Previously disadvantaged groups - 

Previously underdeveloped areas - 

Targeting the poorest of the poor - 

The vulnerable and elderly

Project 3:

Services rendered - Meals delivered door to door - Sevice Centres for senior citizens (activities @ meals) - soup kitchens - Christmas dinners to all beneficiaries Rural pre-schools and creches - 

List of Needs:

Money or food. 

If possible subsidies for fuel 

Street Address: 15 papenkuils st. 

Suburb: Westering

Town: Port Elizabeth

Province: Eastern Cape

Contact person: Colin Lombard

Contact Number: 041 - 3604366

Contact Cell: 0725038211

Bank: Standard

Account Name: 080393837 P.E. meals on wheels

Branch Code: 050017

Account Type: current

Reference: Algoa Cares