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Masithandane was born out of the wish of Otto and Celia Kossar to put Mother Theresa’s words into action: Lets do something beautiful for God

We are: Christian based; a Registered non-profit and public benefit organisation located in the Eden district in Sedgefield. We are 10 years old in 2016 We build partnerships and work collaboratively with the public and private sector and local organisations in order to serve those: living in Smutsville, Sizamile, Fairview, Karatara, Elandskraal, Barrington and Farleigh who are infected/affected by: HIV/AIDS and TB as well as widows, orphans and the destitute

Community home-based care services

Integrated Community Home-based Care Services include:

-Home visits to de-hospitalised patients as well as referrals from the

community in order to provide nursing care, support and assistance.

-Disease prevention and health promotion including VCT Promotion and

counselling, hygiene in the home and nutritional aid.

-Home visits for HIV/AIDS and TB DOTS adherence support, delivery of

chronic medication as well as blood pressure checks, HGT Tests,

weight checks and counselling.

-Disease prevention and health promotion of healthy lifestyles through:

-Door to door/home visits

-Health campaigns/days

-Support groups,

-Shelter improvement and advocacy.

-Wellness Centre Activities which include:

-Nursing care and adherence

-Support for TB Dots

-First Aid

-General tips on healthy living,

-Patient transport

-Nutritional aid

-Blood pressure checks

-HGT Tests,

-Weight checks


Other projects include :

  • Support us
    By supporting Masithandane in cash or in kind you can help us to continue providing services where they are needed most. You can and will be making a difference!
    1. use your car or our car to distribute food parcels – 1 day a month
    2. use your Afrikaans  skills in the literacy programme for Grade 1s – for 1 hour twice a week during the school terms
    3. use your creative talents in the Art, Craft and Mosaic Projects – one morning or afternoon a week
    4. use your person skills to assist with the repairs and maintenance of the Wellness Centre – as and when needed

    1. for 1 meal at a Community Nutrition Centre five days a week for R15 per month per child
    2. 1 food parcel @ R 200 per month
    3. for the bursary fund to pay hostel fees and transport costs for needy students
    4. for 1 or 10 laptops @ R 5000 each
    5. for fuel or taxi costs @ R 3.50 per km to get patients to and from the clinic and/or hospitals
    6. for education, training and employment opportunities – R3000 to R10000 per student depending on the programme
    7. R180000 for an multi-purpose vehicle that can transport patients, care-givers, equipment, chronic medication, mobile meals and food parcels. It can also be used to take the Grade Rs on outings. It needs to be able to travel on the rural un-tarred roads and be slightly higher off the ground as a result.
    8.  There is no public transport system available so a vehicle is a necessity when it comes to the delivery of community services.

  • Bank details
  • Name of the Bank: ABSA
  • Name of the account holder: MASITHANDANE
  • Type of Account: CHEQUE
  • Branch Code: 632005
  • Account Number: 4067253575 All contributions will be gratefully received and much appreciated and we thank you for providing us with the opportunity to be of service.