South Africa`s Sugar and Carbs overdose...Study

08:03 (GMT+2) Thu, 02 Feb 2017

A recent study has found that South Africa has an unhealthy relationship with Sugar and Carbs. 

The study‚ funded by the Centre of Excellence in Food Security‚ also found that we are not consuming enough protein.

Professor Hettie Schönfeldt from the University of Pretoria and colleagues from the University of Cape Town as well as the Human Sciences Research Council reviewed dietary studies‚ conducted between 2000 and 2015‚ to establish South Africans' dietary intake and deficiencies.

In a statement issued by the centre the study confirmed that we are eating too many refined foods.

"For example‚ many white bread [loaves] have had the nutrient-rich bran and germ removed from the grain‚ leaving the bread with very little nutritional value‚'' said Schönfeldt in a statement.

In addition‚ even in rural areas‚ diets are changing to energy rich but nutrient poor foods.

"In essence‚ the South African government needs to monitor and fast track these policies if they are to see their effectiveness. In the light of the aforementioned evidence‚ it is also clear that education regarding the importance of moderate total food energy and sugar-added beverage intake is mandatory‚'' the study recommended.

"Furthermore‚ the importance of fibre‚ good fats and sources of proteins as well as vitamin- and mineral-rich fruit and vegetables need to be advocated.”

In Parliament this week the proposed tax on sugar sweetened beverages came under the spotlight.

Professor Tolu Oni‚ from UCT's School of Public Health‚ told the joint meeting of Parliament's health and finance committees that statistics showed the global average of Coca-Cola products consumed per person per year was 89. In South Africa in 2010 the figure was 254.

What drives people towards the unhealthy choices, cost of healthy food, the taste or how its potrayed? 


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