Happy Port Elizabeth couple share their “I Do” moment on air

12:57 (GMT+2) Wed, 01 Feb 2017

Mario Swanepoel and Eliza Miller shared their ‘I Do’ moment with Algoa Country on the Algoa FM Daron Mann Breakfast show. The top secret escapade was carefully orchestrated by Harwood Promotions and Event Management, ahead of the “I DO!” Bridal Expo in March.

“We placed a search on our Facebook page, for a brave groom who would like his proposal to be heard by thousands,” says Linda Harwood, PR promoter of Harwood Promotions and Event Management. The brave groom who responded and who was positively ready to accept the challenge was Mario. Together with the assistance of Ryan Morris, marketing coordinator at Algoa FM, Linda and Mario put together the perfect white lie.

The scheming Mario convinced Eliza to accompany him to the station by telling her that they had won a competition. “She almost didn’t come. I begged all week to convince her. I told her that we can’t win the prize unless she’s with me,” said Mario.

As the on air team  prompted the “I Do” moment, everyone in the building witnessed it live from the Algoa FM Facebook page. After Eliza answer, “I Do,” the happy couple was greeted by a cheering crowd, as they left the studio.

Mario and Eliza  have been together for two years and are now looking forward to many more.