Rotary's Tree of Joy on Algoa Cares

09:06 (GMT+2) Mon, 14 Nov 2016

Algoa Cares November 16th November  : Tree of Joy

The Tree of Joy is an annual drive by Rotary, Port Elizabeth West, to ensure as many needy individuals as possible get to feel some joy over Christmas.

Rotary works with certain charities to attain a list of impoverished folk in their respective care. Information as to what it is specifically that they would like to receive is then posted onto a card and hung on a ‘Tree of Joy’ .  Their desires are more often than not decidedly simple. This year there are two trees, the main tree is at Greenacres Shopping Centre and the other is at the Pick n Pay Hyper market on William Moffat.

Each year this projects assists more than 2000 children, elderly, sick and destitute individuals by giving them, possibly, the only gift they will receive.

The project runs from the end of November until just before Chistmas. In order to make it work, they need the support of the PE public and the PE Business Community. In the past they have had corporates such as VW, Standard Bank, FNB, etc taking 50-100 cards as their staff initiative – this makes a huge difference. If you would like to know more about this initiative you can contact Angie Newton on