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Algoa FM Breakfast with Wayne, Lee and Charlie T

Algoa FM Breakfast is hosted by Wayne Hart, Lee Duru and Charlton Tobias. The show focuses on local, national and international news and interviews with game changers who have an impact across our footprint. Show features include the Morning Market with Chris Gibbons, Fast Lane Fridays (music) and Wayback Wednesday (popular music from the past).



Wayne was born in Johannesburg but grew up in Nelson Mandela Bay. He is a fun, spontaneous, committed, trusted individual and true to his surname has a caring heart. He lives by his motto to “just be kind – it’s simple”.

Now co-anchor of the Algoa FM Breakfast Show together with Lee Duru and Charlie T, Wayne has been with Algoa FM since 2006. He enjoys radio because it plays an integral part in the lives of so many. “Everyone loves music - radio delivers that. Everyone enjoys good company - radio delivers that. Important discussions need to be had, and radio allows for that. Whether it’s in the background or a presenter speaking directly to me, radio carries a huge sense of companionship.”

Wayne has a keen interest in social media and the evolution of online technology. He feels that social media plays an important role in gathering listeners' thoughts. It creates a platform which allows presenters to connect more closely with listeners – who love it when you connect with them as individuals.


In 2002, Lee launched a stellar career in television, but the major highlight of her broadcasting career is being a co-host on the Algoa FM Breakfast show.

She is in love with radio as a medium.

“It’s hot out of the pan and fresh! I love the interactive and sharp shooting nature of radio, where there is little room to stop and relax.”

After playing many screen characters, she is really excited to just be herself and interact directly and instantaneously with listeners, “minus a script.”

When Lee is not on-air she is a devoted mom and wife, who loves being in the kitchen preparing healthy and tasty meals for her family.

Lee has also embarked on a healthier lifestyle.

She has a strong and assertive persona both on and off the air and is involved in various entrepreneurial and charity projects. Lee connects with the listeners in a unique way with her bubbly personality and a laugh which echoes across the airwaves.


Charlton has been a presenter on Algoa FM since 1997, and his wealth of experience in radio has made him a firm favourite among Algoa FM clients and listeners.

He is our homegrown prankster, co-host to the prime-time Algoa FM Breakfast show, a consummate professional and everyone’s best friend in a crowded room.

Charlton is the undisputed king of wit and double entendre (according to him), but where we do agree is that he is the “glue” in the team.

His list of achievements includes being a teacher and principal, as well as a club DJ and martial arts expert.

A morning without Charlie T on the radio is like a picture book full of loose pictures because there is no glue.