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Warriors of Wildlife and their Simbonga Game Reserve and Sanctuary

Our non-profit organization, Warriors of Wildlife, rescue, relocate, and provide lifelong care for captive wild animals in need. Our Sanctuary is located at Simbonga Game Reserve & Sanctuary in the Thornhill area of the EC; our Sanctuary houses some of the many lions and one tiger that we have rescued.

Our current projects include :

Israel Lion Cub Rescue - we are undergoing a rescue of a young lion from Israel. We have received donations to cover the costs of his relocation and enclosure construction, but now we need to look at his life-long care i.e. veterinary needs, supplements, food, space to roam, enrichment items, platforms for climbing and developing muscle, etc.

Ukraine - We are also still carrying on with numerous rescue efforts within Ukraine to provide necessary aid to captive wildlife in need, abandoned domestic animals, and people.

Sanctuary - In addition to the above, our Sanctuary at Simbonga also has permits to rehabilitate and release indigenous animals -  financial support to be able to assist when needed is always required. We never know when we will be phoned by someone from the community to rescue and assist an animal in distress.

Pictured below: The massive crates used in our rescue missions.

Pictured below : Rescue lions living out their lives as nature intended at our sanctuary :

A list of our needs :

Ongoing care at the sanctuary is our largest broad-spectrum need. We need to ensure that these animals will forever be safe in their home with us at Simbonga. DONATIONS are always needed.

Our monthly running costs are approximately R80,000 per month. This does not include unexpected veterinary needs, enrichment items, supplies for maintenance on enclosures and the reserve, and more.

Should someone wish to donate in any other way please contact us :

Examples: petrol gift cards, supplies

And of course, Support us!  The general public may visit our Sanctuary for day visits and we even have overnight accommodation. All visits must be booked ahead.

Some of the accommodation available:

We also recently opened a brand-new hiking trail!. This scenic route will take you on an adventure through some of the most beautiful views. We can’t wait for you to lace up your boots and join us. The clip below will give you an idea of how splendid this hike is.

Guided-only Sanctuary tours are done daily at designated times where you can “meet” the residents and hear their stories. ( NO interaction permitted with the animals)

Virtual Adoptions of your favorite Sanctuary resident also assist us in the day-to-day running and the individual animals’ needs.

Please follow us on Facebook!

Contact person and their/Cell/Landline

Lauren Vad-Smith 060 342 9131

Keegan Smith 0795707888

Physical Address:

Simbonga Game Reserve & Sanctuary

  • Portion 30, Farm Brakfontein, No 440

Kouga Municipality, EC, 6070

(Thornhill area)

Banking details for those who may wish to donate :

 Bank: FNB

- Account Name: Warriors of Wildlife

- Account Number: 62860884660

- Branch: Baywest

- Branch Code: 210828

- Account Type: Check

- Reference: Algoa Cares