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Algoa FM Breakfast with Wayne, Lee and Charlie T
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Sisonke Sophumelela – Together we shall overcome  

Sisonke Sophumelela is a Xhosa name which means ‘’ Together we shall overcome.’’ The organization was initiated and founded by Mrs. G.E Ntete, affectionately known as Mama Gibbs,(pictured below) with the goal of transforming the lives of children living in the townships of Port Elizabeth.

In Mamma Gibbs' own words: Our beneficiaries have experienced different challenges of life, poverty, high rate of crime, domestic violence, substance abuse, orphans and law offenders. We are not only giving them food, we develop them holistically. At Enkuselweni

We teach these young man life skills and to understand that they are not offenders but they are facing life challenges under government law. Sisonke Sophumelela is playing a big role being a link between this young man and their families and community, although they under arrest we showing them love and most of them are angry because their families don’t come to visit them.  Our programmes help them to improve their lives, and they are changing.

Sisonke Sophumelela is making a difference in the lives of these young men at Enkuselweni with the programs that are being done there.

We are not only giving people something to eat we also do workshops, training to develop them and have skills that they can use to better their lives and be able to have their own fresh vegetable. We are not only developing them physically but develop also their intellectual capacity by counselling them, assisting them to get skills. The society needs an organization like ours because we are making a difference in the community. Children are being taught to have backyard gardens at home.

Our beneficiaries come from disadvantaged backgrounds, living in shacks and RDP houses; where in some families you’ll find more than 14 people in this small house depending on child support grant or old age pension. They are unemployed; there is a high rate of poverty, HIV/AIDS, crime, domestic violence, drugs and alcohol abuse. In 10 people that come to register for soup 3 or 5 of them are HIV positive and some of them have TB. They are on treatment because of the high rate of poverty they cannot adhere to treatment.

  • These are some of our projects :
  • Support group (Orphans and Vulnerable Children): provide counselling, life skills, give them a sense of belonging and develop them holistically.
  • Soup kitchen: We alleviate poverty by cooking soup for the community members also help those are on ARV treatment so that they can be able to adhere to their treatment.
  • Workshops/training: development of the community members
  • A list of your needs
  • Administration: stationary (ink cartridge, papers, pens, books and big container the one we are using is very small it has holes,it’s very difficult to work when it is raining etc.)
  • Stipend for 7 people if possible, taxi fares to do home visits, go to important meetings and submit proposals.
  • Soup kitchen: Ingredients for soup (bones, meat, maize meal, rice, samp & beans, spices, soup mix, red& brown lentils, split peas, vegetable, cooking oil, bread, cleaning material and gas
  • Support group: School uniforms, groceries to cook for them when they come to the support group
  • Garden: Seedlings and compost
  • Statistics
  • Life skills Orphans and vulnerable children – 110 (ages 5years – 18 years, 85 girls and 25 boys)
  • Female - 400 (old people, youth and adults)
  • Males - 250 (youth, old people and adults)
  • Children – 350 (they are from the community, ages from 2 years – 18 years)
  • Boys – 30 -11years – 18 years they are from Enkuselweni child and youth Centre (Place of Safety)

One of our success stories!

In 2019 I met a young man who is an orphan name Mbongisizwe Matyaleni .This young man lived with his foster parents who were very abusive towards him. His real parents passed away while he was still small. After some time the foster parents passed away and his step-siblings maltreated his life became very difficult for him.

They treated him like a slave, making him work for a plate of food, tell him to go and look for a job so that he can pay rent. It was difficult for him to school. He also experienced being a homeless person and a beggar for a half year. I met him at the taxi rank begging for food, told him about Sisonke Sophumelela he can get a cup of soup and clothes.  The counselling was done and he narrated his situation. I told him about the programmes of Sisonke Sophumelela even invited him to come to our activities.  He did come having no trust at first because of the love we were giving him, he outgrows the hatred and opened up to us. We also invited him to attend our support groups where we teach life skills, he did come. When he comes first he was very angry at the world and his parents but we taught him that forgiveness is very important and it also gives you peace as a human. He was stressed told me he just wanted to be around people to calm his stress. He asked if he can help in the garden, also during support group. He is very good with the children and a great help to children who are law offenders at Enkuselweni place of safety. To be at Sisonke Sophumelela did make a difference in his life; he saw the purpose to be alive. He is very handy and always eager to learn. He always asks questions if he doesn’t understand. I so wish we can get stipends so we can say thank you to everyone who is helping at Sisonke Sophumelela.

Mbongisizwe Matyaleni.

Doing what they do best - caring for others in need.

Sisonke Sophumelela has formed partnerships with families, teachers and community members over the long-term to stabilise the home environment so that children are able to attend school and pursue academic careers. This partnership with our clients means that clients, together with their counsellors, can identify appropriate interventions for themselves and their family members.

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Contact person :

Gimani Ntete (Gibbs)

Tel/Cell: 0839548131/0849993036

Physical Address: Zwide Rent Office

C/O Bertram Road and Johnson Road

Zwide Location

Port Elizabeth


To donate to this organization :

Banking details

Bank: ABSA

- Account Name: Sisonke Sophumelela

- Account Number: 4068434928

- Branch Code: 632005

- Account Type: Cheque Acc.

- Reference: Algoa Cares

A copy of your registered NPO certificate 

A stamped letter from the bank confirming your NPO banking detail


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