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Beyond Barriers Foundation

Beyond Barriers Foundation is an NPO aimed at inspiring, supporting and developing differently-abled individuals.

Project 1: Completing the Ironman 70.3 on the 2nd of June in Durban.

Project 2: Completing the Ironman 140.6 in April 2025. (With these 10 months in between we will have an awareness campaign and start building the brand)

Project 3: Create awareness about differently-abled people in RSA, Support (financial, medical, logistical) and develop these individuals to become World Class athletes.

Project 4: Starting events for these individuals where they are the heroes IN THE STORY. (Warrior races, Ironman events, Wheelchairs on the run, Rolling ball, rugby, netball, cricket.

Project 5: Building a 360-rehab facility to develop these athletes.


We need funding but more than that we need people to believe in this need and to build this community with us.

We need awareness.

We need support in the managing of an NPO.

Pictured below : Frans-Hendrick Badenhorst and Dano Swart.

Contact person: Frans-Hendrik Badenhorst

Contact number: 0820599960

Contact email address: fhbadenhorst@icloud.com

Please take the time to read Dano's story below, and you will gain a better insight into what we hope to achieve as an NPO.

I am Dano Swart and currently 22 years old. I was in Handhaaf Primary School. Rugby and cricket have been a big part of my life since childhood! I was part of the under-12 cricket regional team for 2 years. I was part of the under-12 EP-B rugby team and was also part of the under-13 Regional team the same year. I represented the teams as vice-captain. When I was under 13, I made the Regional and EP-B rugby teams again and was Captain of both that year! In grade 7 I was chosen as Head Boy of Laerskool Handhaaf, times that you don't easily forget. I was in Brandwag High School and participated in cricket and rugby year after year. I was the rugby vice-captain from under 14 to 1st team in 2019. I was the Captain of the Cricket team from under 14 to 1st team in 2019.

 In 2019 I broke my neck in provincial rugby trials. The level of my injury is C 4/5, which is very high. It hinders my physical ability. With a lot of rehab, exercises and operations, my strength has improved a lot and therefore I can do more for myself. I can remember how I felt after this life-changing accident. Not knowing if I would ever be happy again or if I would ever have a purpose in life. That's exactly what this opportunity created for me. The idea that I can be happy with my body. That I have a reason to live. I want to show other disabled people that they can do anything. That nothing is impossible. The chance to be happy. Not just physically disabled people, but any disability. Not everyone realizes how one's life is affected by a specific disability. Not only physically, but also emotionally. That's why this has such an important purpose. I want to be an example to everyone out there. 

Our idea is to start something in South Africa that doesn’t exist. An NPO that helps disabled people to reach their full potential. Disabled people who don’t have anything. From sports right through to rehab and life-changing operations. Give them a meaning. Something I didn’t have up until now. 

I know this can work and we need people who believe in us. Believe in this opportunity. This is life-changing!!! 

We want to inspire people in similar situations to know that they can do anything they set their minds to. We ultimately want to create a platform and even have facilities where people can get together and achieve what seems impossible.

Should you wish to donate please see our banking details below :

Account name: Dano Swart

Account number:62899885754

Branch Code:250655

Account Type: SAVINGS

Reference: Algoa Cares