07:21 (GMT+2) Fri, 11 Jan 2019
Lady Gaga has apologised for a collaboration she recorded with R.Kelly back in 2013 after the airing of the shocking documentary, Surviving R.Kelly. The documentary details serious allegations of abuse against the R&B star.Gaga has promised
07:58 (GMT+2) Thu, 10 Jan 2019
Thomas Markle Jr has said that he will be formally inviting Meghan and Prince Harry to his nuptials in March of this year in a last-ditch attempt to reconnect the estranged family.The 52-year-old window fitter confirmed to the Daily Mail that he has
07:53 (GMT+2) Thu, 10 Jan 2019
Drew Barrymore has slammed celebrities for "playing it safe" on the red carpet.She thinks stars are too worried about being criticised for their outfits at high-profile events so they would rather be conservative than shake things up.Speaki
07:43 (GMT+2) Thu, 10 Jan 2019
The 'Can You Ever Forgive Me?' actress, Melissa McCarthy believes that the 'Nocturnal Animals' star Amy Adams would make the world a better place.She made this announcement when she compared Adams to Nicole Kidman who she describe
07:18 (GMT+2) Thu, 10 Jan 2019
The 2019 Oscar award ceremony is to go ahead without a host following Kevin Hart’s withdrawal from the role after homophobic tweets he posted between 2009 and 2011 resurfaced last year.[MobileAd]Hollywood’s biggest awards evening on the 2
07:44 (GMT+2) Wed, 09 Jan 2019
Trevor Noah is starting the new year as a single man. It has come to light that after dating model Jordyn Taylor for four years, they ended their relationship towards the end of last year.While Trevor has yet to release an official statement about th
07:22 (GMT+2) Wed, 09 Jan 2019
John Travolta has started the new year off with a new look, a bald head! After recent years of fans and the paparazzi wondering if those thick locks and quiffs of his were in fact wigs, John has gone for this bold new look and people on Twitter and I