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An effective Advertising Strategy not only includes the “WHAT” but also the “HOW”, the “WHY” and the“WHEN”. Not only do you need to decide what you want to achieve from your Advertising Strategy, you also need to be very clear about how you will achieve those objectives, why the strategy will work and when it will be implemented.

We are often asked: How do I get the best value for my advertising? Are there ways which I can reduce my advertising spend but keep its effectiveness? What are the best times to place commercials? How can I improve my Social Media? Why do I need a good website? How do I get more customers?

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In this series of short videos we explore various elements that make up a successful Advertising Strategy. The videos are presented by Roy Hawker, Owner of Hawker Media in New Zealand.

“Roy Hawker is an experienced Media consultant having worked in various markets across the Globe into business just like yours. Algoa FM has worked with Roy over many years, where he has positively impacted local businesses with his insights, passion and wisdom.”  Dennis Karantges                                                                                                                                                                     

What are you really trying to achieve by advertising?

Picking the right advertising vehicle for your business

Completing the brief

Judging your Advert 

The Pursuit of Trust

The Power of Radio

The Quadrant Exercise: Defining your gap in the market

What your business really does: changing feelings

The Mere Exposure Effect: The goal of becoming familiar

Digital Advertising: the Harsh Reality

Your Social Media Strategy : the power of utility content

Defining Your Customers Better

Rules for an Advert: Be a non-ad

Rules for an Advert: The power of you and your ad

Rules for an Advert: ONE THING