Algoa cares is our corporate social investment programme. Algoa cares was started in 1997 with the aim of supporting local non-profit organisations in their mission to help and empower those in need, especially the most vulnerable within our community. We use the power of radio to increase awareness, influence positive change and inspire those in our broadcast area. Algoa cares has three focus areas namely: health and welfare, education and skills development, and the environment and sustainability. The initiative highlights successful projects that create sustainability within vulnerable communities.

1. Cares on-air

Mio Khondleka and Queenie Grootboom interview a representative from a different charity every Wednesday between 12h30 and 13h00 to raise awareness about their non-profit organisation. To apply for an interview, simply complete the online application form below.

2. Cares promotional support

Community and fundraising events/initiatives can be promoted on-air and online via the what’s happening feature. Send your event information to Please note this info needs to change they can submit their own event info now.

3. Cares events

Organisations also have the opportunity to apply to be a beneficiary of the Algoa cares charity initiatives listed below.

  • Algoa cares charity golf day (Port Elizabeth)
  • Algoa cares charity golf day (East London)

Applications to both golf days open on 1 February every year and close the Monday of the 3rd week in February.

10:48 (GMT+2) Wed, 04 Oct 2017
Category: Education and Skills DevelopmentA NPO to educate the kids in our community musically, to show that Northern arrears is not just gangster stricken, but have talent. we requested media support on Mandela day but to no avail, you should r
09:00 (GMT+2) Wed, 27 Sep 2017
Category: Health and Welfare, Education and Skills Development or Philanthropy: Animal WelfareDescription of beneficiaryA group of animal lovers that perform random acts of kindness. We raise funds by doing events, markets etc.We then spend the
09:00 (GMT+2) Wed, 20 Sep 2017
Retina SA (RSA) is a registered non-profit organisation dedicated to finding the causes of and treatment for all people affected by inherited retinal disorders.Retina SA is the only organisation in South Africa fighting inherited retinal blindness. R
09:00 (GMT+2) Wed, 13 Sep 2017
SANCCOB is a non-profit organisation whose primary objective is to reverse the decline of seabird populations through the rescue, rehabilitation and release of ill, injured, abandoned and oiled seabirds – especially endangered seabirds like the
08:16 (GMT+2) Wed, 06 Sep 2017
We specialise in caring for and mentoring abused , neglected and disadvantaged children from 3 moths to 18 years old. Promiscuity, alcohol abuse and Aids are rife in this community , leading to children going to school hungry , and are often left out
08:32 (GMT+2) Wed, 30 Aug 2017
Category:Health and Welfare, Education and Skills Development or PhilanthropyOur beneficiaries are coming from disadvantaged background, living in shacks and RDP houses; where in some families you’ll find more than 10 people in this house depen
08:43 (GMT+2) Wed, 23 Aug 2017
We are a registered NPO serving the George community for 91 Years. DARE TO BE DIFFERENT Don't wait Participate. Yes, we know. Times are tough. Needs are overwhelming. Donors are fatigued. Requests are neve
10:00 (GMT+2) Wed, 16 Aug 2017
Miracle Kids Stimulation Centre for children with disabilities was initiated by Genevieve Hendricks in 2008 and is located in the Northern areas of Port Elizabeth.There are high levels of unemployment and poverty in the area according to Genevieve, t
09:00 (GMT+2) Wed, 02 Aug 2017
Category: Welfare, Education and Skills DevelopmentIt is a program that avails you an opportunity to adopt a learning child from our disadvantaged schools and attempt to change their self-proclaimed low self-belief, inculcate an attitude of stro
09:00 (GMT+2) Wed, 26 Jul 2017
Greencycle is a recycling collection service operating in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan area.  Its main objective is to provide a convenient and reliable collection service for all types of recyclable materials to households, businesses, s