11:00 (GMT+2) Tue, 26 Sep 2017
Apparently, if you want to be truly happy, you should never get out of your bed. According to a new study, having GOOD SEX and getting GOOD SLEEP make people happier than being RICH. The researchers found that getting good sleep is actually the
13:00 (GMT+2) Mon, 25 Sep 2017
And according to Nasdaq, global sleep aid markets were valued at US$58.1 billion in 2014 and are expected to grow to US$80.8 billion by 2020.But sometimes instead of using and relying upon over-the-counter sleeping aids, including certain foods in yo
12:00 (GMT+2) Mon, 25 Sep 2017
Pierce Brosnan has one, as do Vince Vaughn, Leonardo DiCaprio and Chris Pratt (sometimes): a dad bod. The paunchy silhouette of a middle-aged man is in vogue, and one U.K. designer is eager to make it accessible to even the fittest fellas around.The
14:53 (GMT+2) Sat, 23 Sep 2017
Six NASA-backed research subjects who have been cooped up in a Mars-like habitat on a remote Hawaii volcano since January emerged from isolation Sunday. They devoured fresh-picked tropical fruits, vegetables and a fluffy egg strata after eating mostl
14:30 (GMT+2) Sat, 23 Sep 2017
A southern Ontario college says it will be the first to offer a post-secondary credential in the production of commercial cannabis.Niagara College says the graduate certificate program will launch in the fall of 2018 and aims to prepare students to w
13:00 (GMT+2) Fri, 22 Sep 2017
A big red nose, a white painted face, and an oversized polka-dot tie. Clowns are a staple for circuses and childhood birthday parties — but also horror movies and nightmares.Some people are so scared of clowns there is an actual term
15:00 (GMT+2) Thu, 21 Sep 2017
Research has warned time and time again that “sitting disease” is real. But if you’re sitting all day at work, you should get up every 30 minutes and move to cut your risk of death, a new study is advising.American scientists out of
13:00 (GMT+2) Thu, 21 Sep 2017
It’s not just about feeling happy or sad — researchers say humans can experience several categories of emotions.These findings from the University of California, Berkeley, which were recently published in Proceedings of National Acad
13:00 (GMT+2) Wed, 20 Sep 2017
We pay a lot of attention to looking professional in the workplace, but we don't always give enough thought to sounding professional.What you say and how you say it goes far in telling those around you how serious you are (or
13:00 (GMT+2) Tue, 19 Sep 2017
It’s going to happen to everyone multiple times in their careers, burn out. When you’re trying to get ahead and trying to accomplish as much as you possibly can, circumstance or your own ambition will occasionally tip you past the point o

What can the parent do, her 18 year old daughter is “ addicted” to partying and drinking?

Get family involved to talk to her
She is considered an adult can`t do anything,
Get professional help,
Speak to Her