DAFF has submitted the application for environmental authorisation.  It is important to note that, based on the revised significance of negative economic impacts linked to finfish farming at Algoa 1 Option 1 from ‘medium’ to ‘high’ after implementation of mitigation measures, DAFF has revised its priorities in respect of mariculture in Algoa Bay and has nominated Option B as the preferred Alternative Option. 

Alternative Option B involves:

  • Mussel and oyster farming at Algoa 1 Option 1 (Summerstrand site)
  • Mussel and oyster farming at Algoa 6 (PE Harbour site); and 
  • Finfish farming at Algoa 7 (Ngqura Harbour site)


You are herewith notified that the application-phase public participation process (Public Participation Phase 2 of 2), which has been extended until 4 September close of business.  

Please submit your comments on the Draft Basic Assessment Report (BAR) by Wednesday 28 August 2019.

The Draft BAR (hard copy and ten electronic copies on CD at each location) will be made available during operating hours by 23 July 2019 at the following locations:

Newton Park Library: Hurd St, Newton Park, Port Elizabeth, 6045

Motherwell Library: Corner Umlu and Ngqokweni St, Motherwell, Port Elizabeth, 6211

The objective of the application-phase meeting is to present the outcomes of the pre-application public participation process and how comments provided by stakeholders were considered in the Draft BAR.

If you would like to download the Draft Assessment Report and Appendices, you can do so here"