Phathost is an information technology company providing business process software solutions that offer integration and automation of manual business processes. Their solutions aim to simplify operations, enable remote access, standardise processes, improve data quality, increase process visibility, sensitise service level control and embed efficiency at all levels.

The Phathost Team is led by Maynard Gesha, a professional engineer with over 10 years of experience in the built environment sector, industrial processes automation, HVAC system design, product development and software development. His professional experience covers local and international experience.

Their solutions are focused on remaining true to the company business process, not overwhelming the team with excess of tools, but equipping them to competitively deliver a quality product or service consistently. All their offerings address traditional barriers like manual processes, access to information, visibility of processes status and accountability at all levels of the business. The Phathost Team believes if you can't quantify and control your business inputs, remaining competitive is near impossible. Their business is about giving business owners absolute control via end to end business process management.

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