08:15 (GMT+2) Tue, 16 Jan 2018
Cape Town - Earlier this week The Washington Post reported that American president Donald Trump asked why lawmakers were in interested taking in immigrants from so-called “shithole countries” namely, Haiti, El Salvador, and African nation
08:51 (GMT+2) Mon, 15 Jan 2018
Research has proven 'baby brain' as a genuine phenomenon which affects the functionality of four in five pregnant women. The research conducted by Victoria's Deakin University found the majority of expectant mothers suffer from fo
08:41 (GMT+2) Mon, 15 Jan 2018
West Palm Beach - US President Donald Trump, on the defensive in the wake of recent disparaging comments about Haiti and African nations that have revived questions about whether the leader of the world's melting pot is a racist, declared on Sun
08:24 (GMT+2) Fri, 12 Jan 2018
Washington — In bluntly vulgar language, President Donald Trump questioned on Thursday why the US would accept more immigrants from Haiti and "shithole countries" in Africa rather than places like Norway, as he rejected a bipartisan i
08:36 (GMT+2) Thu, 11 Jan 2018
Cape Town - South African family restaurant chain Mike’s Kitchen has been bought by US-based NRD Capital.NRD Capital is expanding its footprint and this is its first acquisition in South Africa and on the African continent. Its headquarters is
08:19 (GMT+2) Thu, 11 Jan 2018
A mother has shared a heartbreaking photo highlighting the devastating impact cancer has on families.Ally Parker's five-year-old daughter is fighting a losing battle against an aggressive form of brain cancer, while her father is terminally-ill
08:17 (GMT+2) Wed, 10 Jan 2018
The beginning of every New Year brings with it the opportunity for a fresh start.  January often marks the time to declare resolutions to generate some major changes in our lives; things like weight loss, paying off debt or learning a skill. But
08:22 (GMT+2) Tue, 09 Jan 2018
A network of ‘Big Brother’ spy cameras is misreading 1.2million number plates a day – meaning innocent motorists could be caught up in police investigations while criminals and terrorists escape scot-free.A bombshell report by Brita
08:32 (GMT+2) Mon, 08 Jan 2018
What comes to mind when you think of cannabis: stoned old hippies? Teenagers smoking illicit joints? It’s about as far away from luxe skincare as you can get. Yet cannabis looks set to be the hottest new ingredient in beauty products in 2018. Y
08:13 (GMT+2) Mon, 08 Jan 2018
Seth Meyers blasted Harvey Weinstein as he got the Golden Globes awards underway with a bang.The awards show's host tackled the Hollywood sex abuse scandal full-on as he cracked awkward jokes about disgraced movie mogul Weinstein and House of Ca

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