15:00 (GMT+2) Thu, 13 Sep 2018
Sylvester is alive and wellFootage issued by Kuzuko LodgeThe team at Kuzuko Lodge, a member of Legacy Hotels & Resorts, are pleased to announce that Sylvester the most loved lion in South Africa and his lioness mate Angel, are officially parents
16:16 (GMT+2) Mon, 13 Aug 2018
Every year computer security firm McAffee publishes a list of text shorthand slang popular with computer and smartphone users. Most of the terminology is amusing and generally harmless, but the company advises parents especially to become familiar wi
17:36 (GMT+2) Thu, 09 Aug 2018
The youngest castaway on MNet's Survivor SA, Philippines surprised many when she made it all the way to the top 5. Social media influencer Katinka Oosthuizen spoke to Roland about her self styled "dumb blonde" fake-out strategy, her al
15:06 (GMT+2) Thu, 09 Aug 2018
He's an X Factor winner, chart topping artist, international star and a really funny guy! Roland chatted with Ben Haenow on the phone from outside Ben's gym in London about music, meeting Simon Cowell and collaborating with Kelly Clarkson.
18:51 (GMT+2) Mon, 23 Jul 2018
The latest castaway to be voted off Survivor SA Philippines on MNet, Toni Tebbutt spoke to Roland about her experience of tribes, alliances and blindsides.  If you missed it, listen to the podcast here:
16:45 (GMT+2) Mon, 02 Jul 2018
Two months ago Roland was challenged to commit to 8 weeks of training in order to perform in a Pole Dance Showcase on June 29th. Roland trained had from zero pole fitness with the goal of performance readiness. These are the results:
14:20 (GMT+2) Thu, 28 Jun 2018
The poledance show is on this week Friday night. Will Roland be ready? How has the last 8 weeks of rehearsal gone? Listen to the podcast here:
17:16 (GMT+2) Mon, 25 Jun 2018
In case you missed the surprisingly deep conversation, listen to the podcast of the interview from Friday 22nd June here:
15:07 (GMT+2) Fri, 22 Jun 2018
Have you ever felt tongue tied or self conscious around an attractive person? Perhaps you've felt foolish for having this response. According to social scientists at Radboud University in the Netherlands, it's more common that you might thi
18:38 (GMT+2) Thu, 31 May 2018
After asking for your feedback on the above poem, Roland got more than he bargained for. Listen to the podcast here: