17:28 (GMT+2) Fri, 23 Sep 2016
Dogs are generally seen as happy-go-lucky animals so you might expect most have an optimistic outlook on life. But new Australian research from the University of Sydney has found that some canines are distinctly more pessimistic than others. Some tel
16:44 (GMT+2) Fri, 23 Sep 2016
A kitchen make-over may be the first step to losing weight. A few related ideas from Brian Wansink’s new book “Slim by Design: Mindless Eating Solutions for Everyday Life” … ? Rearrange your cupboards, pantry, and fridge so the first foods you see ar
16:03 (GMT+2) Thu, 22 Sep 2016
Whether you plan to stay long-term or just pass through, here are 10 essential places to visit in South Africa.South Africa is a heaven to those who love adventure, magnificent landscapes and diversity in nature. Once you have been there, you will al
15:24 (GMT+2) Thu, 14 Jul 2016
Want to be happier? Begin by being good to yourself. That may sound self-evident, but too many people skip this step and try to make themselves happy by chasing ever-higher goals, or holding themselves to ever-greater standards of perfection.Iro
14:51 (GMT+2) Mon, 13 Jun 2016
10 Fascinating Facts: About LaughterProfessor Sophie Scott, a neuroscientist and stand-up comic, put together these surprising facts about laughter:1. Rats Laugh When They’re TickledRats laugh when they’re tickled, and the more they play together, th
11:42 (GMT+2) Mon, 01 Feb 2016
Some (sorta) harmless gags that still work virtually every time … ? Plastic Wrap the Toilet – Stretch a piece of plastic wrap across the seat. Hijinks ensue. ? Spare Change – Super-glue some coins to the sidewalk or any busy pede
11:42 (GMT+2) Mon, 01 Feb 2016
  Ads may sometimes seem intrusive but on the whole they are essential in the way we live our lives, without them you would not know about those products that you need, or the new tech that would make your life easier. Its a question I hav
11:42 (GMT+2) Mon, 01 Feb 2016
BIZARRE LAWSUITS THAT YOU WON’T BELIEVE ARE REAL: • The mayor of the city of Batman in southeastern Turkey sued Warner Bros for using his city’s name without permission. “There is only one Batman in the world,” he’
11:42 (GMT+2) Mon, 01 Feb 2016
  So we enter the last few weeks of training for the 10 year birthday of Ironman South Africa, an event that brings thousands of athletes from around the world and the country to Port Elizabeth to challenge themselves in what can only be describ

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