People with disabilities hold awareness campaign in PE

10:02 (GMT+2) Fri, 20 Nov 2015
Pic: Brian Bezuidenhout

More than a dozen people living with physical disabilities held an awarness campaign in Nelson Mandela Bay on Friday to highlight Disability Month, which runs from early November to early December.

The campaign was under the banner of the Association for Persons with Disabilities and was held on the corner of Cape Road and William Moffett Expressway.

Association chairperson, Brian Bezuidenhout, said they also wanted to hightlight other issues affecting people living with disabilities.

"We had about 15 boards that we were waving talking about parking abuse, talk about accessibility, the rights of peopld with disabilities and also asking our City leaders to wake up and make our city more accessible," he said.

Bezuidenhout said that their awareness campaign was well received by motorists who were asked to blow their hooters in support. 

Pics: Brian Bezuidenhout