No general shortage of petroleum products in the EC

10:57 (GMT+2) Fri, 05 Dec 2014
The SA Petroleum Industry Association says as far as it's concerned there is no general shortage of petroleum products in the Eastern Cape.

Sapia was commenting on reports today that some petrol stations in Nelson Mandela Bay have run dry following the closure of the tank farm in the Port of Port Elizabeth this week.

This was done so that repairs can be effected, and according to Transnet National Ports Authority, the jetty will be operational again on Monday.

Sapia spokesperson, Avhapfani Tshifularo.

"As far as we are aware and understand the total industry picture is comfortable. What has happened, because of the inspection and repair work being done at the harbour, the traffic has been moved to East London. The region as a whole, there is no shortage" he said.

Meanwhile, one irate Port Elizabeth petrol station owner says the current fuel shortage that he's experiencing, is devastating his business.

The businessman, who preferred to remain anonymous, spoke to Algoa FM News....

"What is happening at the present moment, if you look at load-shedding and the petrol crisis, this is hurting the economy tremendously. Petrol attendants are being sent home. Everybody is affected" he said