Buffalo City seeks an interdict to halt violent strike

07:18 (GMT+2) Thu, 06 Feb 2014

 Buffalo City Metro will be applying for an interdict to stop municipal workers from continuing their violent protest which has brought services to a halt.

Metro spokesperson, Keith Ngesi, says refuse has not been collected and they're appealing to residents not to put out their refuse bags until alternative arrangements can be made.

He says the protests, which involved the trashing of the main revenue office in Oxford Street and attacks on City Hall, has led to damage that will run into millions of rands.

Ngesi says department managers have also been instructed to check which employees have not been at work, adding that the no work, no pay rule will apply.

He says the interdict will also seek to prevent any intimidation of those Buffalo City workers who want to work.

Ngesi says police will continue to maintain a presence around City Hall.