Little hope of saving the Kiani Satu

15:04 (GMT+2) Mon, 19 Aug 2013
 The stricken bulk carrier Kiani Satu is destined for a watery grave.

The rice carrier was successfully re-floated at Buffels Bay near Knysna on Saturday after being stranded for more than a week at Walker Point.

SA Maritime Safety Authority Spokesperson, captain Nigel Campbell, says the 165-metre long vessel is currently being towed as far out to sea as possible by the salvage tug, Smit Amandla.

"I have just now flown back from the ship she is 70 nautical miles off shore in about 300meters of water. We had a salvage team on board during an assessment this morning but from the plane I could tell that there is more water going into the ship. I have told them to take the salvers off and then the tug is to make best possible speed south. She could take over a 1000 meters of water in 4 hours. I think she is going to sink.

Campbell has good news for organisations currently involved in clean-up operations from oil spilled from the Kiani Satu.

"We will take all those samples, we will match them against the samples of the ship if it is proven to be from the Kiani Satu then the insurers will meet all the costs. If these organisations need an advance we can give it to them, it wont be an issue" he said.