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Natasha Meister live at The Music Kitchen
Date: Mon, 25 June 2012
Time: 19:30
Venue: The Music Kitchen
City: Port Elizabeth

Natasha Meister at The Music Kitchen Singer/Songwriter, Natasha Meister has become our very own Blues Queen in the 2 short years since returning from Canada to her ancestral home in Africa. At only 20 she has made a huge impact on discerning SA audiences, especially in the blues/funk niche. Natasha has a great bluesy Motown voice, she plays "phenomenal electric and acoustic guitar and is a gifted songwriter. “

The first thing that grabs you from Natasha Meister’s debut album, ‘Half Way’, is her voice. Oh man, that voice. Soulfoul and passionate at its peak. Natasha’s voice also possesses a lovely Tracy Chapman quality to it, causing you to sit up and take notice of the expressive melodies and honest storytelling.” Sergio Pereira To listen to Natasha Meister’s music, visit her webpage: for bookings, tel no. 041-3641964
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