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Bass Exterminators - Stress free outdoor clubbing
Date: Sat, 19 May 2012
Time: 21:00
Venue: The Glendore Arms
City: Port Elizabeth

Bass Exterminators THE GLENDORE ARMS in conjunction with Stress free outdoor clubbing · By Antony De Bruin Its that time again to put some bass in your face. Yes we rattled the rafters and shook the roof, but the pests have come back. So we will do what we do best, exterminate them with bass. Feat - 21hoo @nt - Electro swing 22hoo Griminal - Drum n bass 23hoo The artist formerly know as DWIS 00h00 Mao - dub n hip hop n bass 01h00 Skullmonkey - The dub meister 02hoo Downlowd Crew - dub n bass Way to much powerful sound to put into a small room, supplied by Enjoy productions. R30 covert charge Come get some !!!!!!! The Glendore Arms Corner of Glendore road & Victoria Drive Great Venue, Great Prices !!
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