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About Industrial Development Corporation

As August is Women's Month, the Industrial Development Corporation will be focussing on the Women Entrepreneurial Fund. Head of Development Funds, Meryl Mamathuba, will discuss how women in business can access WEF; who qualifies, and how the fund has already aided business women.

The WEF is a Development Fund and forms part of the IDC's Transformation and Entrepreneurship Scheme, the aim being to develop and stimulate mainly small and medium enterprises and to make the mainstream economy accessible to marginalised groups, one of these being women. Click here for more information.

That’s on the IDC Business Update between 9 and noon with Lance du Plessis on Algoa FM!

The Industrial Development Corporation has helped build the industrial capacity that fuels the country’s economic growth by funding viable businesses.

The IDC focuses on priority economic sectors that offer the greatest potential to unlock job opportunities, promoting entrepreneurship through the building of competitive industries and enterprises based on sound business principles. It aims to be the primary driving force of commercially sustainable industrial development and innovation to the benefit of South Africa and the rest of the continent.

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Latest Posts
09:24 (GMT+2), Wed, 29 August 2012
Xoliswa Bebula is a modern-day David taking on the proverbial Goliath. She is the owner of Mazwe Financial Services, a five year-old microlender with a national footprint that is steadily growing its business by helping to develop the “second economy”. “It is a very tough industry and getting into it is very difficult,” says Bebula. “However, we have managed to make a difference by identifyin... read more

09:22 (GMT+2), Wed, 29 August 2012
Xuma Technologies is a great example of how entrepreneurial spirit has been supported by the IDC’s Women Entrepreneurial Fund (WEF). Having started their fibre optic installation operation in 2007, the Mkonza sisters applied to the IDC and qualified for an R11-million injection that set their business, Xuma Technologies, on the path to winning major contracts and creating jobs. The company specialises in the capital-int... read more

09:18 (GMT+2), Wed, 29 August 2012
One of the stated objectives of the IDC’s Women Entrepreneurship Fund is to encourage the participation of more women business owners in traditionally male-dominated industries. While this may not have been the motivation of Katinka Bezuidenhout of Natural Science Labs, a contract manufacturer of personal care, skincare, fragrance and colour cosmetics, she does find it rather ironic that this sector in particular has ve... read more

09:15 (GMT+2), Wed, 29 August 2012
The study of economic activity and growth has become somewhat of a science, and the quality of studies specifically into entrepreneurial activities and tendencies now present a fairly accurate picture of performance against international benchmarks. It is therefore instructive to look at two recent reports that shed some light on the picture for female entrepreneurs in South Africa. While the studies look broadly at entreprene... read more

09:12 (GMT+2), Wed, 29 August 2012
The IDC is waiting to put its money where its mouth is with a dedicated fund for women entrepreneurs [main] As Women's Month draws to a close, Meryl Mamathuba of the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) doesn't have the luxury of sitting back and reflecting on the events or rousing speeches of the past four weeks that have celebrated the contribution of women to South Africa. Mamathuba is head of the IDC's development f... read more

15:03 (GMT+2), Mon, 27 August 2012

15:01 (GMT+2), Mon, 27 August 2012

15:00 (GMT+2), Mon, 27 August 2012

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