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About Industrial Development Corporation

The Industrial Development Corporation is spearheading the Green Economy in SA. The Head of Green Industries will discuss which primary vehicles are being used, how your enterprise can benefit from the funding mechanisms, and inform you about local case studies.

That’s on the IDC Business of 2012 Feature daily, between 9 and noon, with Lance du Plessie on Algoa FM!

This month's interviewee will be Rentia Van Tonder, IDC head for Green Industries SBU

What are the primary vehicles being used? To what extent can enterprises benefit directly from the Green Economy funding mechanisms? Are their any regional case studies which can be highlighted?

More information and Case Studies can be found at

The Industrial Development Corporation has helped build the industrial capacity that fuels the country’s economic growth by funding viable businesses.

The IDC focuses on priority economic sectors that offer the greatest potential to unlock job opportunities, promoting entrepreneurship through the building of competitive industries and enterprises based on sound business principles. It aims to be the primary driving force of commercially sustainable industrial development and innovation to the benefit of South Africa and the rest of the continent.

Click on the link below to view last months IDC feature:

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