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Charl Cooks
About Charl Cooks

This step by step recipe feature offers mouth watering meals, tasty treats and decadent desserts.

Created by the self taught chef, Charl Leslie who is passionate about food, you're invited to a step by step cooking experience that will have you creating the most intricate meals that may leave the harshest of critics pleasantly suprised.

Join Charl Leslie every Sunday morning at 8.10AM with the Charl Cooks feature on Algoa FM.


Latest Posts
11:29 (GMT+2), Thu, 28 April 2016
I think you would impress Mom if you were to make either of these for her next Sunday. With some supervision and allocation of tasks according to age, you’ll be fine…   Years ago, I made a deal with a friend’s sister, Candice, when she was visiting from the UK – I swapped her the recipe for Moroccan Chicken Vegetable soup (one of my favourites) for her easy chicken pie recipe. Easy and very ... read more

11:12 (GMT+2), Thu, 21 April 2016
I know some research about SA cuisine would probably be more appropriate around Heritage Day, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to honour at least one of the multitude of public holidays we have at this time of year. So some homework I did; and we should all be grateful that penguin and seagull aren’t culinary highlights in SA any more. South African cuisine is diverse – both in terms of flavours and origi... read more

12:35 (GMT+2), Mon, 18 April 2016
                  This week, some sweet treats, with a nostalgic flip through “the blue book” of my mom’s, which is basically the greatest hits of my ouma’s recipes (her mom), tested recipes from magazines & leaflets and handwritten ones passed on by family, colleagues & friends over the years – the original has been s... read more

09:26 (GMT+2), Mon, 04 April 2016
Pretty much everyone loves pizza, but I get the impression some struggle to replicate restaurant pizza at home – the major difference is the heat in a restaurant pizza oven is much greater, and there’s no heat loss from opening the oven door, like at home.   I regard it as a mission to make pizza dough from scratch (but well worth it, some might say). How about using ready-made dough for that authentic, ... read more

16:33 (GMT+2), Thu, 24 March 2016
Autumn has started officially, and that’s usually the longest I can wait before passing on recipes for one of my favourite dishes to make, soup. The season means warmer and cooler days, so here’s a soup for each… The cold soup is adapted from Heidi Vos’s book “Chilli South Africa” (which is still stocked by several newsagents) - amended slightly and to include tinned crab meat or cocktai... read more

14:35 (GMT+2), Thu, 10 March 2016
March 17 is St Patrick’s Day – and a good excuse for a couple dishes inspired by the Irish. At the risk of perpetuating a stereotype Irish cuisine is probably still most closely associated with potato dishes – so for today, 2 or 3 of the best known, depending on how you look at it. Then, how about a home-made version of Irish Cream – the Irish whiskey and cream liqueur. It’s a reasonably new in... read more

09:39 (GMT+2), Fri, 04 March 2016
I was one of very few invited to a chef’s table recently, and to be introduced to the new Executive chef at Mantis Collection’s jewel, No. 5 Boutique Hotel, Morné Posthumus (originally from East London), and I’ve been allowed to pass on his recipe for the dessert we enjoyed. His chef de partie and right hand man Anele Sopeni was also introduced – what a team!   The chef’s table t... read more

09:54 (GMT+2), Thu, 18 February 2016
The best laid plans sometimes go wrong – this week several factors prevented me from being able to feature a carb free “bread” – Instead, and before meat prices become even more silly, here are a couple substantial meaty meals. Next week, you’ll be able to replace the bread in these with so called “cloud” bread   Breakfast Boerewors Burger 100g (mixed) baby tomatoes 10... read more

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