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Charl Cooks
About Charl Cooks

This step by step recipe feature offers mouth watering meals, tasty treats and decadent desserts.

Created by the self taught chef, Charl Leslie who is passionate about food, you're invited to a step by step cooking experience that will have you creating the most intricate meals that may leave the harshest of critics pleasantly suprised.

Join Charl Leslie every Sunday morning at 8.10AM with the Charl Cooks feature on Algoa FM.


Latest Posts
11:00 (GMT+2), Thu, 19 November 2015
This week, a couple recipes I’ve adapted from And a great opportunity to vary to your heart’s content – in other words, customise even these easy ideas to your preferences. Spicy Mince Stuffed Peppers Oddly, an idea I’ve really only used in the feature using peppadews and jalapenos stuffed with cold fillings – always been worried they wouldn’t photograph well, but... read more

10:35 (GMT+2), Thu, 12 November 2015
                    A cool gift of a few cheeses from colleague Jacques Arendt, resulted in me making these two dishes:   Camembert is probably the best known French cheese, named after a village in Normandy. It’s a soft-paste small round cheese made from cow’s milk that has not been heated, skimmed or pressed. It’s per... read more

10:39 (GMT+2), Thu, 05 November 2015
This week, two old favourites, refreshed slightly, but still bearing in mind what the essence of the dish is. I may be shooting myself in the foot with the first recipe, since it would be a great festive season idea…   For starters, a slightly “deconstructed” Avo Ritz – what’s still important to me is good quality mayo – creamy, not tangy, with tomato sauce etc.   Avo ... read more

17:38 (GMT+2), Fri, 30 October 2015
This week another pasta dish for your repertoire and a slightly “higher grade” dessert/cake… Penne a la Vodka 2 tins whole, peeled tomatoes optional: mixed dry/fresh herbs 5-10ml sugar 250g bacon, sliced thinly 2 large onions, chopped finely 15 – 30 ml olive oil 75ml vodka (3 tots) 125ml cream 250g dry penne rigate (the one with the ridges), prepared according to package ... read more

14:20 (GMT+2), Thu, 15 October 2015
I’ve been craving Thai food, but been too busy to go to see my favourite Natti, so thought I’d make some wraps using the flavours of the well-known Satay dish, including the peanut sauce. Just a few days before, good friend Gill treated a few of us to her home-made “cheats” sausage rolls – turns out they’re perfect for making in large quantities and freezing. So, essentially both ideas ... read more

08:42 (GMT+2), Fri, 09 October 2015
This week a column for the red-meat lovers – so, rump with a faux Béarnaise (no eggs, and easier), also a recipe for a tomato based Peri-peri sauce and Prego Rolls – marinated steak sandwich on a Portuguese roll. Rump & Mushrooms with Béarnaise sauce (adapted from ) 500 grams angus rump steaks (or other aged rump) 250 grams portabellini/brown mushrooms 1 glug PnP ... read more

07:48 (GMT+2), Tue, 29 September 2015
This week a nod to dishes using beer, in the month SA celebrates the German Oktoberfest (it’s in September there) – the recipes are adapted from   Beer & Cheddar Soup with Sausage   A fairly rich, cheesy soup that would make a great starter, but with bread (rye or sourdough) and sausage, could easily be a main course.   40ml vegetable oil 1 medium onion, chopped... read more

15:15 (GMT+2), Thu, 17 September 2015
Thursday 24 September is National Braai Day on Heritage Day – what will you be braaing? Visit which has plenty info, including a “braaictionary”, recipes and facts on the importance and relevance of braaing.   A quick re-cap though of some important braai hints:   -       best quality affordable – both wood (to make long-lastin... read more

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