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Charl Cooks
About Charl Cooks

This step by step recipe feature offers mouth watering meals, tasty treats and decadent desserts.

Created by the self taught chef, Charl Leslie who is passionate about food, you're invited to a step by step cooking experience that will have you creating the most intricate meals that may leave the harshest of critics pleasantly suprised.

Join Charl Leslie every Sunday morning at 8.10AM with the Charl Cooks feature on Algoa FM.


Latest Posts
08:10 (GMT+2), Fri, 05 February 2016
Shrimp Avo Salad, Lemon Caper Chicken Scallopini with Crushed potatoes and Flamed Strawberries on “Hot” Choc Chip ice cream    For starters, a “deconstructed” take on the classic Avo Ritz, add a little clever garnish, and it looks as good as it tastes - serve with Chardonnay. Main is a little more complicated, but a breeze if prepped: chicken fillet slices, seasoned and fried, with a lem... read more

12:09 (GMT+2), Thu, 28 January 2016
Why not make your own – ideal for kids, even parties (made much easier in the First World with ready-made re-usable containers).   Instant Basic Ice cream   Per serving: 250ml (any) cow milk 30ml sugar or equivalent in sweetener 2,5 – 5ml vanilla essence 750ml ice cubes 60ml coarse salt   Place milk, sugar and essence in a quart-sized resealable bag and mix together, ... read more

10:58 (GMT+2), Thu, 21 January 2016
This week two dishes with pasta, one more of a salad/side dish and the other a nice bowl meal…If you’re avoiding carbs, consider some alternatives, still using the core ingredients in each dish.   Steak & Roast Tomato Pasta Up to 500g cherry/baby tomatoes 80ml dry white wine 4 slices (about 50g) mild pancetta or streaky bacon 30ml olive oil 400g lean beef sirloin steak, trimmed 375... read more

10:02 (GMT+2), Thu, 14 January 2016
This week to follow on a couple of the food trends, I thought I’d pass on the jam recipe (from last week’s pic) and then did some reading to come up with my own version of the Hawaiian poke (pronounced POH-keh) bowl – described as both comfort food and a healthy meal.   Around for centuries in their homeland, it’s almost strange that they’re now only more mainstream – essentially ... read more

08:52 (GMT+2), Mon, 11 January 2016
At the start of each year, it’s become pretty much traditional to have a look at some of the food trends being forecast –some from observable trends in eating/people’s shifting view of food and nutrition. One of the food trends universally set to continue is “home-made” with space in the market for “good old fashioned” and fresh takes on familiar favourites – in line with that, t... read more

09:53 (GMT+2), Thu, 03 December 2015
This week is the last printed edition for the year, the column will return on Wed 20 Jan when we’ll have a look at food trends for 2016. In the meantime, please check out the archive of recipes on Happy Holidays!   Glazed Pineapple & Cherry Gammon  2kg boneless, uncooked gammon (in net) 1-2 onions, sliced in eighths with skin on 2 carrots, scrubbed and sliced 2 celery stal... read more

11:00 (GMT+2), Thu, 19 November 2015
This week, a couple recipes I’ve adapted from And a great opportunity to vary to your heart’s content – in other words, customise even these easy ideas to your preferences. Spicy Mince Stuffed Peppers Oddly, an idea I’ve really only used in the feature using peppadews and jalapenos stuffed with cold fillings – always been worried they wouldn’t photograph well, but... read more

10:35 (GMT+2), Thu, 12 November 2015
                    A cool gift of a few cheeses from colleague Jacques Arendt, resulted in me making these two dishes:   Camembert is probably the best known French cheese, named after a village in Normandy. It’s a soft-paste small round cheese made from cow’s milk that has not been heated, skimmed or pressed. It’s per... read more

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