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About National Arts Festival 2012
This year's National Arts Festival in Grahamstown is proving to be another stellar event on the Arts calendar in South Africa. As thousands of excited people descend on the sleepy town, which comes alive every year with artists, actors, comedians, street performers and tourists, Algoa FM will be there to follow the action and keep you informed.

Stay tuned to news, reviews and interviews on-air and online as we keep you posted with the low down from 2012's National Arts Festival

Latest Posts
12:50 (GMT+2), Fri, 06 July 2012
Owen Lonzar labels the lead character in his adaptation of the novel Alice in Wonderland, which is called Alice who? This ain’t Wonderland. Lonzar describes his depiction of the story as being dark, wacky and innovative. In this adult-imaginary dance variation, the girl who goes down the rabbit hole is a drug addict with a boyfriend who tries to get her out of the habit.... read more

12:44 (GMT+2), Fri, 06 July 2012
The beat drops immediately, forcing you to the edge of your seat. Lyrics wash over you, jumping and jolting and at times crooning. Working in tantalizingly short sets of complementary genres, each one leaving you hungry for more, The Best of Durban Hip-Hop and Poetry II gives an electrifying performance. The collaboration of different styles and artists, backed by renowned Durban DJ Morris Bafu, is an unexpectedly easy one.... read more

12:37 (GMT+2), Fri, 06 July 2012
International film & TV actress and producer, here to show her new movie project for the first time in SA... called "String Caesar". Shw hopes it'll be shown in other SA centres soon... ... read more

12:34 (GMT+2), Fri, 06 July 2012
The "Butlers" series is always a sure-fire hit entertainment at the Fest. - has been for some years now. Writer & director J.W.... read more

10:26 (GMT+2), Fri, 06 July 2012
Observing the dancers’ powerful lifts and impressive floor work, one would never guess that the Dance and Movement course of the South African Performing Arts Conservatory (SAPAC) is not yet one year old. The class is small, comprising eight students: four in their second and third years of dance training, and four in their first year. Despite the course’s infancy, the students were able to work with celebrated cho... read more

09:51 (GMT+2), Fri, 06 July 2012
In life, one should play to one’s strengths. It sounds an obvious enough statement, but rare is the man willing to drop his ego and face the brutal gore of criticism. It’s within this very niche that Ugandan-born comedian, David Kibuuka, has firmly entrenched himself. David Wasn’t Built in a Day is his first foray into the one-man side of comedy, and so far he loves the journey. “It’s very young,&... read more

16:45 (GMT+2), Thu, 05 July 2012

14:55 (GMT+2), Thu, 05 July 2012
Written by American playwright David Marmet, deals with the prickly subject of "race". A huge success inn America and aims to follow the success in SA. On of the leding actors Graham Hopkins sets the scene...... read more

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