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About Make it, Bake it, Shake it

Whether you're looking for some tasty treats, cool new ideas for your home… new fashion trends that you can make yourself… or some quick and easy DIY tips – it's here.

The ladies of Algoa FM are showing you that there is a whole world out there … if you only just look for it.

So keep checking and you'll discover how you can Make It, Bake it, Shake It.

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Latest Posts
09:12 (GMT+2), Mon, 06 October 2014
For those who are doing Sober October this month, here's some awesome receipes form alchol free cocktails. ... read more

17:02 (GMT+2), Tue, 23 September 2014
Enjoy this awesome day with friends and familey. Have an awesome Heritage/Braai Day everybody. read more

11:21 (GMT+2), Mon, 08 September 2014
Spring 2014 Jewellery trends Make bold statements in these 6 runway jewellery trends. Trying to detangle your necklaces can be such a mission. It may result in broken chains or a far more worse knot that you had before. The solution: A frame display This is an easy DIY and can embellish your bedroom, dressing table or bathroom. Follow these tutorials to get started! http://www.elli.... read more

11:41 (GMT+2), Fri, 22 August 2014
Check out this video on how to wear and make sports-luxe work for you read more

09:33 (GMT+2), Wed, 13 August 2014
Summer is around the corner and it’s time to get out your party gear! We’ve put together a couple of looks and festival fashion essentials. For more festival info ... read more

16:05 (GMT+2), Fri, 08 August 2014
Some fun Women's Month downloadble quotes. You can print it out and frame it or give it to your fav person as a special gift. Let's celebrate girl power. To download this PDF, click on the link below. ... read more

13:38 (GMT+2), Fri, 25 July 2014
2014 Spring/Summer trends Fresh from the runway’s of Paris to New York, these are the hottest trends for spring/summer. We give you a glimpse of the best trends from head to toe. You’re welcome… ... read more

09:13 (GMT+2), Tue, 22 July 2014
4 Must-Have Winter Outerwear Trends Stay warm and chic ... read more

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