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Eskom – Energy saving business initiative

We are facing a resources constraint future. And as a country, our focus is now on effectively managing our electricity supply as it impacts on all of us. Eskom recognises the need to partner with South African businesses, and has since availed energy efficient rebate solutions to reduce the pressure on the grid.

Whether you are a small business owner, commercial, agricultural, or industrial business, Eskom has the right solution for you. Your facilities and operations can be more energy efficient, and Eskom will assist in achieving energy savings through their energy efficiency rebate solutions. Based on the complexity of the project, approval process can take between two weeks and three months.

So the quicker you contact Eskom, the quicker you’ll benefit your business.

Contact them today on 08600 ESKOM. Their advisers are ready to assist. Or visit

Remember, Eskom will pay you to save.

How to Participate:

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