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Exercise Will Change Your Life
09:50 (GMT+2), Mon, 30 July 2012
Exercise Will Change Your Life No one could hate exercise as much as I did. I can remember when my friend, Rose, and I had our first babies - there was Rose lying on the floor doing sit-ups and ab-crunches. “What are you doing?” I cried horrified, “Are you nuts?” Well, the rest is history. She kept her beautiful thin body and I became fat Pat.

At around the age of forty eight I decided to become emotionally healthy; and so I started to listen to Tony Robbins on tape. I was all fired up and getting my life on track when he said something that changed my life - he said you can’t be emotionally healthy until you become physically healthy.

“Oh no,” I thought, “I don't want to go down this path.” Here I was living on a diet of cheese rolls, ham, mayonnaise and yogurt; and he was talking about fresh fruit and vegetables. Then he used a dirty word: “exercise”. I knew he was right and so I started to make a life-style change.

Thank goodness for friends, Tessa was my rock - she made sure I walked every day. At first I was like the village idiot, I was so unfit that I needed a broom handle to help me up the hills. Even the nannies found it funny. Of course, the other exercise freaks kept on telling me to walk faster, whilst all I could think about was my pain.

Today I love how I feel after exercising; I'm still no power walker, but I'm out there every day. What helped me make the change? Well, the more I studied health, I more I realized the only way to keep young and get strong and healthy was to give myself the gift of exercise.

Another reason was that I now knew that to get thin, I needed to move more than I eat. Exercise helps speeds up the metabolism and it will to turn our bodies into a fat burning machine. Lastly, the payoff is great - I feel alive, strong and I have more energy than I know what to do with; and depression is a thing of the past. Of course, you also need to change the way you eat; and it’s worth it!

Before I made these changes, I was so depressed that I could hardly get out of bed. My blood sugar was also out of wack. I walked around like a time bomb waiting to explode. Food controlled my life and I stopped living. I existed from one meal to the next, not wanting to go out. All I wanted to do was be alone with the love of my life - food.

What a waste of life, ask yourself where are you as far as your health is concerned - are you living your life to the full? If you need help to make a life style change, and you want to lose 10 kgs in 6 weeks, come to my next free presentation in East London. To be thin healthy and happy is a gift you owe yourself, so phone 083 372 6761 to make an appointment. I will also help you to dress your best when you have the body you want.

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