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Charl Cooks... with Cheese! Sesame Coated Camembert & Chilli Plum Jam
09:59 (GMT+2), Mon, 23 July 2012
Charl Cooks... with Cheese! Sesame Coated Camembert & Chilli Plum Jam Charl Cooks… with Cheese!

This coming weekend is another busy one for Algoa country, with two annual much-loved indoor events being held – there’ll be many broadcasts from The Algoa FM Homemakers Fair so, there’ll be plenty time to tell you all about it on air – but perhaps visit

The other is one I’m missing for only the second time since its inception – The Vodacom George Cheese Festival. Lucky Wayne and Lauren from the Fastlane get to visit for the first time on Friday 27th, as they broadcast from 10th Vodacom George Cheese Festival.

This popular festival will, as in the past, host a variety of events, exhibitions, entertainment and of course, cheese and wine galore to taste, enjoy and to take home for the cold winter months. Those over eighteen and young at heart with a keen interest in the culinary will again have a wide spread to choose from whilst enjoying the warm hospitality of the festival. Old favourites would once again be hosted – Tour de Cheese, Academy of Whisky, Brandy Boulevard, Portfolio of Port, Foodworx Theatre, World of Beer.

For more information visit

So, since I can’t be there, 3 recipes using cheese:

Camembert is probably the best known French cheese, named after a village in Normandy. It’s a soft-paste small round cheese made from cow’s milk that has not been heated, skimmed or pressed. It’s perfectly ripe when it’s not hard in the centre, or so soft that it’s runny at room temperature. For this recipe you could just as easily use Brie (or the blue veined version of Brie or Camembert)

Sesame-coated Camembert

125g Camembert cheese
1 egg
80ml crumbs (I used dried)
100ml sesame seeds
vegetable oil for frying, about 750ml (if not using a deep fryer)

Cut the cheese into 6 equal wedges (or in half or leave whole), then beat the egg in a shallow bowl. Mix the crumbs and sesame seeds and place on a 30cm piece of wax wrap. Dip each cheese wedge in the egg, coating completely. Now roll the wedges, one by one in the crumb mix and put onto another sheet of wax wrap (put the wax wrap on a plate or in a shallow container, if preparing ahead – place in the fridge until ready to cook – up to 24 hours).

Heat the oil in a deep fryer or deep, medium-sized heavy-base pot to 190’C. If you don’t have a thermometer, a cube of stale bread will brown in about 15 secs. Fry the wedges until golden, also about 15 secs. Remove carefully with a slotted spoon, drain on paper towel and serve immediately on Melba toast, toasted pita or crackers, or any preferred bread.

And for a quick, different accompaniment, why not try Chilli Plum Jam:
Warm 125ml plum jam (I used Pick ‘n Pay Choice) in the microwave in a small bowl for about 20 seconds before stirring in 2,5 – 5ml minced chilli and 10ml lemon juice. Allow to cool before using. Can be made the day before and refrigerated till needed. You could use almost any jam you would eat with Camembert…

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