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How to dress up Baroque style
14:11 (GMT+2), Fri, 20 July 2012
How to dress up Baroque style The Baroque period began in the early 1600s and continued into the mid-1700s. It was a time of indulgence, and the art of the time reflected this through ornate embellishments and impracticality. In fashion, these changes began in France where the court of Louis XIV set new and distinct fashion trends.

The upper class wore pastels and bright colors. In the early Baroque period, the upper class preferred large floral patterns. Upper class fashion changed significantly during the Baroque period as styles relaxed. Tall lace ruffs were starched to stand up or during later Baroque were laid down forming flat collars. Women wore hooped skirts or layered as many as eight petticoats.

Sleeves were gathered to create multiple puffs down the arm. Necklines were made lower and cut square. Men's fashions were more elaborate than women's. A man's costume was decorated with as many as 600 bows. Other embellishments were buttons, lace and embroidery. Men traded short, slipper-style shoes for tall boots with a wide top cuff.

Both men and women wore their natural hair long and wore elaborately curled wigs in public.

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