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Ask Leandie
15:29 (GMT+2), Wed, 29 August 2012
Ask Leandie Due to the large number of questions in our previous show, we'll have another, “Ask Leandie”, answering questions from you.

Some of the questions from last week show that will be answered:

"How does you handle social networking in a relationship? BBM with the opposite sex for instance? What is acceptable and how much space do you give your partner safely...?"
"As an attractive, but married man, how do I get ladies to leave me alone?"
"How common has it become for woman to use a vibrator and how do you know what to buy?"
Listeners can call in / sms or email questions anonymously, to the Algoa FM studio on 41851 (VAS rates apply) or phone in live on 0822 838 955 during the show.

Sensually Speaking is on Algoa FM Thursdays between 21h00 and 22h00 with Charl Leslie and Leandie Buys.
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