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About Tové Kane
Tové Kane

“I am blessed with many interests. I have a fascination for life. If I weren’t in radio I would be doing any number of things”. Tové Kane is Algoa Country’s version of Charlie’s Angels, all three wrapped in one and the female version of our dare devil Lance Du Plessis.

If she’s not scuba diving, she’s doing Kung Fu, Tai ‘Chi, Krav Maga or kickboxing. She rides motorbikes, flies World War II aircrafts over Cambridge in England, does stunts on Harley Davidson motorcycles, photo shoots with wild animals including snakes, crocodiles, lions and cheetahs!

In addition to this she has released two successful CDs of her own and is an avid writer. She has written for radio, TV and film and has been featured in a few South African books and has a couple of unpublished books of her own as well as numerous magazine and online articles. As a professional keynote speaker, she uses her talent to teach presentation skills and runs a DJ course with extensive interaction, indeed a lady with many impeccable talents.

If you're looking for a fresh, happy vibe; Tové Kane is all about fun especially for weekend lunch. Her naturally vibrant, energetic personality blends with her soothing voice for a great mix of music, entertainment and social media interaction.


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Latest Galleries
Tové Kane and Lesley-Ann Fortuin (Algoa FM) with Stop Hunger
Tové Kane and Lesley-Ann Fortuin (Algoa FM) with Stop Hunger
Tové Kane and Lesley-Ann Fortuin (Algoa FM) with Stop Hunger
Tové Kane and Lesley-Ann Fortuin (Algoa FM) with Stop Hunger
Tové Kane and Lesley-Ann Fortuin (Algoa FM) with Stop Hunger
Latest Posts
12:08 (GMT+2), Sat, Saturday, September 20, 2014
Hi everybody I truly love the photos taken about the photo shoot... They are fun and give a sense of the vibe that was really going on. One of our friends at work, Bennie Visser from the News Team stepped out of fthe shot for a second to capture this moment. We had a few laughs as usual, it's what happens when even your finance team are as nutty and witty as the on air team. I hope you and your family enjoy s... read more
13:34 (GMT+2), Thu, Thursday, September 18, 2014
 Hi everbody So much fun standing in for Mio and Queenie today. I had a chance to meet some former colleagues of mine, the same people who are on an educational with Mio and Queenie this afternoon. I love to give away cash and it was fantastic to make Erika Steyn a brand new R1000 winner on Algoa FM. She wore this fabulous blue dress and '20's style head band and feather to win today in our Heritage Day Competition. ... read more
11:51 (GMT+2), Thu, Thursday, September 18, 2014
Hi everybody I had a great shoot for the Tové Tabloid yesterday, focusing on an exciting art compeition called, "Wish you were here".  You can enjoy the video on this blog, it's the previous story. The shoot went so well I actually wrapped early and felt like a cappuccino at Nouvo since Lloyd the barrister always makes pretty foam patterns for me. I met up with my friends Leslie and Elzabe Boshoff wh... read more
11:37 (GMT+2), Sun, Sunday, September 14, 2014
Hi everybody I am sure it has been said before by someone terribly famous but it is my true belief that art is not a luxury, rather it is a necessity. Today we have the distinct pleasure to speak to the phenomenal artist, Anthony Harris about his new solo exhinition, DEEP TIME at ART GALLERY, Central, Port Elizabeth. read more
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