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About Gordon Graham
Gordon Graham
“The ability to contribute and make a difference is what motivates me”. Gordon is the gentle yet strong spirit of Algoa FM.
His genuine and sincere concern for his listeners’ yet wacky and funny approach to every day topics results in listeners relating well to the ever lovable Gordon. He has been with Algoa FM for 16 years and presents the Border Drive from Algoa FM’s East London studio.

Gordon is not only a presenter, but also a fitness fanatic, who participated in 3 half ironman events and 1 full ironman. He notes that he “would have loved to have started being sporty and active earlier in life”. His commitment to family and lifestyle activities, including his commitment to those in need, breathes the essence of what Algoa FM embodies and we can always count on Gordon to fly the flag with pride.

Gordon Graham’s one man show drives the border region home in style, weekdays 3pm - 7pm. Listening to the show you can expect all the usual goodies that a professional drive show should deliver: News, sport, traffic, weather and a show tailored to the needs of the Border market. Also expect to experience high energy, humorous anecdotes and some upbeat music to drive you home safely.

He also presents the official weekend request show, Saturdays, 7pm-10pm. For a full 3 hours listeners across Algoa country have the opportunity to hear their favourite song along with their messages to friends and family. This highly interactive show makes use of calls, sms and social media for the perfect Saturday night experience.
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