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About Daron Mann
Daron  Mann “If I could change anything about myself, I would change my inability to indulge inanity and my aversion to alliteration”.

Winner of the coveted 2013 MTN Radio Award for Best Breakfast Show Presenter in the country, Daron’s straight forward, satirical banter and strong on-air persona, perfectly suits his role as host of the Daron Mann Breakfast Show with Charlton and Carol-Ann. Today the show is better known as the Daron Mann Breakfast.

Apart from being the anchor of the lead show on Algoa FM, he is also the Editor of the Sport Elizabeth newspaper. His passion and keen knowledge about sport landed him the opportunity to do “Algoa FM’s first international broadcast from Wellington, New Zealand during Rugby World Cup 2011”. This is described as a major highlight for him while working at Algoa FM. As a host of a primetime show, it is expected that his general knowledge is in tip-top shape. Testament to his intense general knowledge was “winning a radio DJ episode of the TV series: The Weakest Link”.

On Saturdays, 6am – 9am, Daron sets the tone for the rest of the weekend providing listeners with regular news and sports updates. Not only does he have the latest on international, national and regional sport but also local games between schools. From proud fathers to soccer moms, they all tune in and share their pride through various interactive platforms. Armed with informative entertainment and the best music for a Saturday morning, Daron’s interaction with his audience is unequalled on the radio dial.

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