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About Graham Roberts
Graham Roberts
“Keep it real”, is the advice from Graham who started with the station in September 2011. He joined Algoa FM at a pivotal time, in December 2011, when we extended our broadcast area into the Garden Route. “Being a part of the expansion into the Garden Route, and being the first presenter on air at the time of the switch-on was phenomenal”.

Graham’s cool, calm, collected and kind attitude towards everything and everyone he meets, keeps him grounded. This born and raised East London boy, has a passion for music and says, “I just really love music, and as a result collect CD’s and LP’s”.

Graham feels honoured to work amongst the people he grew up listening to including Daron Mann, Lance Du Plessis and Charl Leslie. “They’ve been my inspiration to want to follow a career in radio, and they’re people that I look up to and respect greatly”.

Graham keeps the momentum going as he opens up the lines to listeners to dedicate songs from the Algoa FM playlist, keeping them entertained throughout as they make the best of their weekend with good music and good conversation.


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Graham Roberts at Bethel Safe House
Graham Roberts at Bethel Safe House
Graham Roberts at Bethel Safe House
Graham Roberts at Bethel Safe House
Graham Roberts at Bethel Safe House
Graham Roberts at Bethel Safe House
Graham Roberts at Bethel Safe House
Graham Roberts at Bethel Safe House
Latest Posts
05:41 (GMT+2), Fri, Friday, January 30, 2015
Snoring, slouching sleepers and the challenges of climbing over fellow passengers for a trip to the toilet.

Those are among myriad in-flight etiquette issues faced by travellers on crowded planes, and are the first targeted by JetBlue in a planned series of over-the-top videos posted on Facebook and Twitter to encourage passengers to think about their behaviour.

“We wanted to say, ‘We’ve all been there. We get it, and let’s talk about it,’” Lisa Borromeo, JetBlue director of brand management and advertising, said about the clips for #FlightEtiquette. “It’s a universal truth of flying.”

The videos follow a summer in which several incidents of air rage occurred on crowded US aircraft, including three in a span of nine days that led to flight diversions.

One, on a United Airlines plane, involved a passenger spat that escalated into water tossing and transformed the Knee Defender seatback-lodging gadget into a household name.

The JetBlue videos aren’t intended to tell customers how to behave, Borromeo said in an interview. The exaggerated examples “are meant to be fun” and to generate dialogue with passengers about their experiences, she said.

JetBlue was an early adopter of social media to directly converse with customers and the videos extend that hallmark. The first, posted in December, is entitled “How Not to Take a Nap.”

It portrays a sleeping, snoring man leaning on to the shoulder and then the lap of a passenger in the seat next to him, and eventually lying across the entire row.

The second video, unveilled recently, shows a passenger in a window seat consuming several drinks, and then facing the dilemma of getting past several sleeping passengers in her row. In "How not to make an exit", the woman tries many ways to wake the sleepers, then tries to climb over and under them.


... read more
05:24 (GMT+2), Fri, Friday, January 30, 2015
"Smooth Operator" is a song by the English group Sade, released as the fourth and final single from their debut album Diamond Life (1984). It was released (in both the US and the UK) as a 7-inch single with "Spirit" as its B-side, and as a 12-inch maxi single with "Smooth Operator" and "Red Eye" on side A and "Spirit" on side B. In the US it was the follow-up to "Hang on to Your Love".

This was Sade's first Top Ten hit in the US, peaking at number five on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for two weeks in May 1985. The song spent 13 weeks in the Top 40, and also topped the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart for two weeks. Although "Your Love Is King" remains Sade's biggest hit in the UK to date, "Smooth Operator" is the band's breakthrough hit on the US charts, and their most successful single internationally.

Ray St. John, who co-wrote "Smooth Operator" with Sade Adu, was previously a member of Adu's former band Pride, although he was not a member of the band Sade. The pair co-wrote the song in 1982 while still members of Pride, yet did not get around to recording it because St. John left Pride shortly after Sade joined. St. John later went on to play guitar with the band Halo James, which scored a UK Top Ten hit with "Could Have Told You So" in February 1990.

"Smooth Operator" is about a fashionable man who lives a jet-set lifestyle. He is popular with women and breaks many hearts. The lyrics "Coast to Coast/LA to Chicago/Western Male/Across the North and South to Key Largo/Love for sale" imply that he is used by women to obtain his income. It is also clear that he does not hold affection for these women, as Adu sings near the end, "his heart is cold."

This song is noted for Sade's spoken recitation in the song's introduction. Some radio edits have omitted the spoken introduction, and proceeded with the opening sung line of the title of the album, "Diamond Life". Some radio edits have shortened the instrumental saxophone solo, as well as the first repeat of the lines that come after the Chorus portions.

... read more
06:09 (GMT+2), Thu, Thursday, January 29, 2015
This is a must see video which sees construction workers try desperately to stop a concrete buffer that just went wild. Couldn't stop laughing at this.

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05:00 (GMT+2), Thu, Thursday, January 29, 2015
"Push It" is a 1998 song written, produced and performed by alternative rock group Garbage. "Push It" was the lead single released from their second album Version 2.0, in part to bridge the style evolution between the second album and their debut, and to start the campaign with a credible, alternative cross-genre release that would appeal to the band's previous fans before the release of the album's later, more commercial songs.

Manson elaborated on the song's dreamy verse structure versus the confrontational chorus: "[It's about] the schizophrenia that exists when you try to reconcile your desires and demons with the need to fit in. It's a song of reassurance".

The cutting edge music video for "Push It" became critically acclaimed, and received thirteen nominations between the MTV Video Music Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards, and the MVPA Music Video Awards. "Push It" was also nominated as Best Alternative Records at the Miami Winter Music Conference.

In 2007, "Push It" was remastered for inclusion on Garbage's greatest hits album Absolute Garbage. Some elements of the remaster were made more noticeable, while some elements were reduced or edited out. A rock version was also serviced to UK radio stations to promote the compilation.

... read more
05:49 (GMT+2), Wed, Wednesday, January 28, 2015
A court has banned parents from naming their children Nutella, after two couples tried to register the name for their baby daughters. The parents said they were very fond of the chocolate-hazelnut spread, thinking it is popular, sweet and homely - exactly how they wanted their girls to turn out. But civil authorities in Valenciennes, near the Belgian border in north-east France, disagreed. After weeks of legal argum... read more
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