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About Graham Roberts
Graham Roberts
“Keep it real”, is the advice from Graham who started with the station in September 2011. He joined Algoa FM at a pivotal time, in December 2011, when we extended our broadcast area into the Garden Route. “Being a part of the expansion into the Garden Route, and being the first presenter on air at the time of the switch-on was phenomenal”.

Graham’s cool, calm, collected and kind attitude towards everything and everyone he meets, keeps him grounded. This born and raised East London boy, has a passion for music and says, “I just really love music, and as a result collect CD’s and LP’s”.

Graham feels honoured to work amongst the people he grew up listening to including Daron Mann, Lance Du Plessis and Charl Leslie. “They’ve been my inspiration to want to follow a career in radio, and they’re people that I look up to and respect greatly”.

Graham keeps the momentum going as he opens up the lines to listeners to dedicate songs from the Algoa FM playlist, keeping them entertained throughout as they make the best of their weekend with good music and good conversation.


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Lance du Plesis, Lauren Mungur, Graham Roberts and Cheri Crous (Algoa FM) at the 2013 Homemakers Expo
Graham Roberts at Bethel Safe House
Graham Roberts at Bethel Safe House
Graham Roberts at Bethel Safe House
Graham Roberts at Bethel Safe House
Graham Roberts at Bethel Safe House
Graham Roberts at Bethel Safe House
Graham Roberts at Bethel Safe House
Graham Roberts at Bethel Safe House
Latest Posts
06:07 (GMT+2), Mon, Monday, November 24, 2014
"Call Me" is a 1987 song recorded by the Italian singer Spagna. It was the second single from her debut album Dedicated to the Moon, on which it features as first track. The single was released in 1987 in most European countries. The video for the song was filmed in and around Nottingham. The majority of the video was filmed in and around the 'Ritzy' nightclub, with the nearby Belvoir Castle also featuring.

Unlike the previous single "Easy Lady", this song was also released in Japan and the U.S. A 'U.S. Remix' was made by Steve Thompson and Mike Barbiero. "Girl, It's Not the End of the World", the second track on the 7" single, is another song from Spagna's first album.

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04:55 (GMT+2), Mon, Monday, November 24, 2014
One would think that since almost every home nowadays has a microwave, it would generally be considered safe, right? Yes, they are convenient, but there have been so many theories over the years as to why microwaves are not good for you, but let's look into this a little and you can decide for yourself. How do microwaves work? The microwave contains an electron tube called a magnetron, which produces electromagnetic radiation with a wave... read more
05:09 (GMT+2), Fri, Friday, November 21, 2014
"Love of the Common People" is a folk ballad written and composed by John Hurley and Ronnie Wilkins, eventually released in 1970 on Hurley's album John Hurley Sings about People,but first sung in January 1967 by The Four Preps. It had been covered  by soul group The Winstons, reggae singer Nicky Thomas, country singers Waylon Jennings in 1967, Lynn Anderson same year, Wanda Jackson in 1971, The Simple Image in 1968, The Gosdin Brothers, The Everly Brothers in 1967, John Denver in his 1969 Rhymes & Reason album, Elton John, Stiff Little Fingers in 1982 and English pop singer Paul Young. In 2007 Bruce Springsteen covered it as part of his Seeger Sessions tour, releasing a live version of it as a bonus track on his Live in Dublin album. It was also a hit in Ireland for showband star Joe Dolan.

In 1982 Paul Young released his interpretation of "Love of the Common People" as a single, but it, initially, failed to chart. It was only when Young had his first hit in 1983 with "Wherever I Lay My Hat (That's My Home)" and the single was re-released that it became a big hit. The single peaked at #2 in the UK, and reached the number one spot in Ireland and the Netherlands. This version also contained a solo by influential ska and reggae trombonist Rico Rodriguez.

On Stiff Little Fingers's re-mastered Now Then... album, there is an interview with Jake Burns where he re-calls Paul Young met Stiff Little Fingers at one of their concerts in Dunstable in support of the album in which Young asked Burns whether Stiff Little Fingers were planning to release the song as a single. When Burns told them they weren't, Young asked if they minded him releasing it as a single. They said he could, not thinking the single would do well. Burns then says jokingly in the interview, "Pfft! Go ahead. You'll never get anywhere with that, mate. Yeah, number 2, that'll teach me!"

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06:05 (GMT+2), Thu, Thursday, November 20, 2014
So Justin Bieber has cleared his schedule to apparantly study the Bible. The 20-year-old star, who was arrested for Driving Under the Influence in Miami earlier this year and also charged with vandalising his former neighbour's home with eggs in Calabasas, California, is reportedly staying at the Rancho Mirage close to Palm Springs, California for two weeks with his pastor. The reason: He wants to firmly reconnect with his religious beliefs. A ... read more
05:50 (GMT+2), Thu, Thursday, November 20, 2014
"Erase/Rewind" is a pop rock song written by Peter Svensson and Nina Persson for The Cardigans' 1998 album Gran Turismo. The song is the album's second track, and was released as its second single. It was also featured in The Thirteenth Floor during the ending credits. The music video, which features science-fiction references to Star Wars and 2001: A Space Odyssey, was directed by Swedish director Adam Berg.

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