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About KayCee Rossouw
KayCee Rossouw
“The highlight of my career occurs each time I have the privilege to switch on that mic”

KayCee Rossouw is as at ease behind the mic as he is behind the decks; KayCee is one of two Algoa FM presenters who are also “live” club DJs who have mixed alongside some of the best jocks in South Africa. He is an all-round DJ with an enthusiastic, confident, and real on-air persona. Off-air, he is as fun-loving and generous with strangers in need as he is a committed husband, kind father and caring friend.

KayCee is real home grown PE boy from the Northern Areas of Port Elizabeth with his feet firmly grounded. He was born to emcee, DJ and connect people as he comes alive to himself and his followers whenever he switches on the mic.

KayCee brings a new and different profile to the 7-10pm show, whilst maintaining the popular features our listeners loved. He continues to present the highly successful record race and music quiz feature while he introduces the Movers and Shakers to our broadcast area including local musos, VIP guests and entrepreneurs who are making waves and going places. He winds down your weekday evening on a perfect note as he opens the lines for an hour of special dedications.


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POPS Foundation at the Ethembeni Youth Advice Care Centre
POPS Foundation at the Ethembeni Youth Advice Care Centre
POPS Foundation at the Ethembeni Youth Advice Care Centre
POPS Foundation at the Ethembeni Youth Advice Care Centre
POPS Foundation at the Ethembeni Youth Advice Care Centre
POPS Foundation at the Ethembeni Youth Advice Care Centre
POPS Foundation at the Ethembeni Youth Advice Care Centre
POPS Foundation at the Ethembeni Youth Advice Care Centre
POPS Foundation at the Ethembeni Youth Advice Care Centre
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19:51 (GMT+2), Wed, Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Cape Town – Table Bay Boulevard was renamed on Wednesday after former president FW de Klerk, despite fierce opposition. The proposal was adopted during a chaotic city council meeting, with ANC councillors - virulently opposed to the motion - locked out of the venue, local media reported. The proposal to rename a 5km section of the highway, after him was put forward by a group of 27 signatories, including fellow Nobel peace l... read more
21:17 (GMT+2), Tue, Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Cape Town - The Investec South Africa women’s hockey team were upset 1-0 by underdogs Chile to tie the four-Test series 2-2 at Hartleyvale in Cape Town Tuesday night. The result left one of the more astonishing series in a deadlock, yet the results suggest it should never have been so. ... read more
18:16 (GMT+2), Tue, Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Los Angeles - Video from a US Coast Guard aircraft released on Monday captured the drama of a single-engine airplane and its pilot splashing safely onto the Pacific Ocean thanks to a parachute built inside its fuselage.

The factory-new Cirrus SR22 was en route to Hawaii on Sunday afternoon on a ferry flight from the San Francisco area when it "ran out of fuel," the coast guard said in a press release.

Video from the C-130 Hercules rescue plane showed the ill-starred aircraft deploy its airframe parachute - standard equipment on the five-seat aircraft that sells for $725 000 in its turbocharged version - several hundred feet above the sea.

Seconds after the Cirrus hit the water with a splash, the unidentified pilot is seen climbing into a small life raft to await a passing cruise ship to pick him up, about 400km off the Hawaiian island of Maui, 30 minutes later.

"The pilot was reported to be in good condition. The plane was last observed partially submerged," the coast guard said.

Flight tracking website FlightAware indicated that the US-registered aircraft was flying a 3 894km route from Tracy airport outside San Francisco to Kahului, on Maui.

Tracy is a frequently used departure point for small aircraft on ferry flights from the US mainland via Hawaii to East Asia and Australia.

A Cirrus SR22 can typically fly for 1 500km, but for transoceanic journeys it is fitted with extra fuel tanks in the cabin.

Minnesota-based Cirrus says timely deployment of its cirrus airframe parachute system has saved 104 lives worldwide since the debut of the original SR20 model in the 1990s.

Similar parachute are available for a small handful of other single-engine aircraft, either as optional extras or for after-market installation.

Cirrus spokesperson Ben Kowalski told Flying magazine that the manufacturer - in whose name the SR22 was registered with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) - was in "detail gathering mode" and assisting authorities in their investigation.

"First and foremost, we're remarkably thankful and happy that everyone is okay, and for the work of the Coast Guard in the rescue," he was quoted as saying on Flying's website.

The video can be viewed below.

... read more
21:39 (GMT+2), Tue, Tuesday, January 20, 2015
Los Angeles - Homer Simpson and David Beckham best represent British fathers, according to a new survey. Research shows more than a quarter of dads feel they share a similar relationship with their children as David Beckham and his three sons and daughter. While 12% recognise their parenti... read more
13:59 (GMT+2), Fri, Friday, January 16, 2015
Los Angeles— A judge has revoked Chris Brown's probation but allowed him to remain free for now after the R&B singer travelled without approval for a concert and failed to complete community service on time. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James R Brandlin allowed Brown to remain free until a 20 March hearing when the judge will receive an update from probation officials. Brown was ordered by probation officials in Dece... read more
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