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About Charl Leslie
Charl Leslie
“Nearly 20 years of pro broadcasting will give you plenty embarrassing moments”. Charl Leslie has been a presenter on Algoa FM since 1 Jan 1994 and has hosted almost every show on the station during weekdays. His wealth of experience in the broadcast industry has made him a role model to the younger presenters.

Being born and bred in the Eastern Cape has given him a keen sense and understanding of the listeners within the broadcast area. His lifestyle focus on good food and health, targets the entire broadcast footprint from the Eastern Cape to the Garden Route.  “Witty, bright, funny, easy-going (but) particular”; Charl personifies our listeners and for this reason we are confident that every time he switches on the mic, Charl provides a quality product, to which our listeners can wine and dine.

Charl also bring us the Sunday Breakfast show, Sundays 6am - 9 am, which is aimed at the good life connoisseur. It’s easy listening yet entertaining and informative, with all the crucial features to kick off the perfect start to the last day of the weekend. “Charl Cooks” brings culinary skill to life as recipe’s and experiences are shared with the audience served with a generous dose of Charl’s natural witty and dry sense of humour. Immediately after Charl is joined by a person of interest, whether they are well-known or not, for a lifestyle chat known as the Sunday Sitdown.
Since May 2013, Charl has also become our Music Compiler. 

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