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About Daron Mann Breakfast
Daron Mann Breakfast
The Daron Mann Breakfast show consists of three very different radio personalities, with each one as essential to the mix as the next. Daron Mann is the voice of the DMB. Winner of the coveted 2015 MTN Radio Award for Best Breakfast Show Presenter in the country, Daron holds the whacky trio together, and, with his immense general knowledge of all things sporting, political and musical, he is the perfect host for a breakfast show which strives on the one hand, to be entertaining, and on the other hand to be insightful, informative and investigative.

Carol-Ann Kelleher provides the theatrical edge. Carol-Ann also often finds herself playing the mediator between her two rowdy and often obscene colleagues. CA, as she is affectionately known, is the cherry on top of the DMB, and, with her impeccable comical timing and a knack for accents coupled with her experience in both radio and theatre, CA has deservedly become a household name in both radio and theatre.

Charlton Tobias, or Charlie T, is the DMB jester. Having recently even walked barefoot on red hot coals, Charlie T's intrepid character, keen enthusiasm and (sometimes) excellent sense of humor make him the perfect radio personality. Due to his bubbly personality, and never-say-no attitude, Charlie T has become one of the most well-known and loved radio personalities in the Eastern Cape.

When Daron, Carol-Ann and Charlie T come together on week days from 06h00 – 09h00, they form the DMB – a radio show which aims to entertain as well as provide cutting edge and topical information to its listeners. The DMB achieves this, not only by sourcing interviews from significant role–players with regard to the issues at hand, but, sometimes more importantly, by encouraging its listeners to actively participate in discussions.
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