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Service delivery protest rocks Sterkspruit
14:45 (GMT+2), Fri, 14 September 2012
Service delivery protest rocks Sterkspruit
Service delivery protest rocks Sterkspruit
Residents of Sterkspruit in the Eastern Cape took to the streets on Friday morning in what is said to be a service delivery protest.

Police spokesperson, captain Urusla Roelofse, says the main road through the town remains closed after protestors placed stones and burning barricades in the street.

Three offices at a satellite office of the Senqu Municipality were also destroyed in a fire allegedly started by the protestors.

Roelofse an estimated 50 people, including the alleged convenor of the protest, have been arrested on charges of public violence and arson.

Police reinforcement were called in from several surrounding towns and are monitoring the situation.

Roelofse said earlier in the day police used rubber bullets to disperse the protestors.
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